Unfinished Love Story

Sometimes I thought it was love, sometimes I thought “no”.

You met me in the lows of life.
Like a breeze in the summer of my life.
You were someone.
You were unknown.
You were young.
But your smile felt instantly mine.
Whenever you met me, I felt like a parched piece of soil meeting a rain drop.
You spoke, and spoke, and spoke
I sat watching u..and asking myself repeatedly: is it just he and I, or an unfinished love story from my previous birth?
Some unfinished love stories are more beautiful and accomplishing than the finished ones.


A Wait and the Heartbreak

Tired and sickening is the wait.

Time flows slowly,

In rhythm of a cart – slow, gasping for breath…

A humdrum so severely painful

A moment so heavily burdened with expectations.

…there is no respite.

A silence so deep and heartbreaking,

That it chokes the desire to exist.

Inching forward stealthily

To end the wait and the heartbreaking silence that surrounds

The shadow of hopes – forever, once for all.