Surviving Cancer? It’s Possible!

>The word ‘Cancer’ sent a chill wave down my spine whenever I heard of it. Reason? I have seen two family members losing their battle fighting Cancer. One was my maternal uncle who died of lung cancer, and the other was my granny who died of blood cancer. This was in the year 2005. A news of someone undergoing a biospy or a bone marrow test, immediately made me feel sad and scared, and feel worried about that “someone”.

From my experience of speaking with people, I sadly admit that ‘cancer’ still remains a fear looming in our society. Reason? The increasing number of deaths from various types of cancer and the lack of awareness about their diagnosis and cure. 

We always hear of people who died of cancer. But how many times do we come across cheerful stories of cancer survival? Couldn’t think of any, if this question was posed to me few years back. But today, I can proudly say that I have personally met three people who survived cancer – one survived lung cancer, one survived breast cancer, and the other survived the last stage of Leukemia (Blood cancer).

Who says Cancer is absolutely the end of life? What I have known from them – the survivors – is that, it is the real test of survival with the strong will to survive. According to them, the positive reports confirming cancer make the patient and his/her family so much panic-stricken, that half the battle is lost then and there. Surviving cancer is not easy, but not impossible too! The patient and the family members should draw strength out of their inner selves and take the battle as a challenge. 

The survivors speak:

– Research and read articles and stories of cancer survival to boost your morale.

– Don’t start believing that life is now short – make yourself believe that the will to survive can really make you survive!

– Pray, eat healthy, take medicines and tests on time

– Visit your doctor regularly

Celebrities like Lisa Ray, Mumtaz, Barbara Mori, Jacklyn Smith, Yuvraj Singh and many more are survivors of cancer!

Spread this message of hope wherever you go, whoever you meet. :), just as I am doing! Let’s be positive! Let’s make others positive.