A Weekend Blogging Contest for you! ~ Result

First of all, accept my apologies for coming back a bit late. I was hopelessly busy. 😦

So, without wasting much time, I will announce the winner of this contest. 

The winner is: Poonam Khanduja – Stir Your Souls. Thank you Poonam for writing such a simple and beautiful post on Love. It was marvelous!

Flaunt this certificate on your blog. Enjoy!


Express Your Love - Poonam Khanduja


A Weekend Blogging Contest for you!


OK, folks! So, it’s a Friday and with the close of business, I am super charged. I have an idea to thrill you. No more beating around the bush; Here’s the idea –

A Friendly Blogging Contest!!!

I invite blog entries for the contest and the best “one” would get this certificate to flaunt.
Theme of the Blog: Express your Love (Express your love for “anyone” – a sibling, a best friend, your parents or spouse, or even a lover!

Word Limit: Not more than 100 words

Genre: Any!

Contest Opens: July 05, 2013

Contest Closes: July 12, 2013 (Midnight IST)

Result Announcement: July 14, 2013 

Parameters of Judgement: Content quality 

Express yourself freely! 😀 Post your blog post links in the comment section of this post.

Don’t forget to write this line (with link to my blog) below your post: Contest Organizer: A Tale of Two and a Half.

Happy writing – Happy Weekend!