Making Roads Safe ~ Lacking Emergency Response Mechanism in India

I was looking at the Facebook page of a friend who lost her child in a car accident recently. The child, who  had not yet seen the fifth seasons of her life, looked so ‘live’ in those pictures of her albums. She smiled, giggled, clinging to her mother’s chest, with that little toy she carried everywhere. It seemed as if she will spring out of that photo any moment.

My heart, a mother’s heart, ripped apart, the moment I realized that she is no more. She is not alive. I can’t imagine what her mother goes through each day, each moment, each second, with each breath.

For a mother, her baby is the biggest reason to live. How is she living? How would be the burden to wake up without her child’s fragrance in the bed, without ‘her’ by her side? I shudder to think. Tears well up in my eyes; there is a lump in my throat. I try to clear it, but it comes back. Honestly, that feeling of helplessness engulfs my mind and my broken heart.

That little angel lost her life because of:

  1. Careless driving from the other end
  2. Lack of 911-like emergency rescue at hand

I can’t quote figures and statistics, but I know for sure, in India, road accidents are on rise. Drunken driving, careless driving, carefree driving is growing. Lately, we have read many such news in the media. Should I name them here? No use. As helpless or hopeless I may sound, I fear this shall go on.

Reasons are not unknown to you. Call it the need to strengthen the laws, or whatever.

What can be done at lease is to make the roads safer! HOW?

If the ruling central government, in collaboration with the state governments, and the BIG NAMES in medical industry, like MAX, APOLLO, FORTIS, and the like, or even CORPORATES come together with a master plan, we can have emergency response mechanism in place. One accident, one call by any passer-by (witness), and these emergency service points, set up on the highways, come to rescue. This way, unfortunate ones who face accidents on highways, can get quick relief. 

As an ‘ordinary citizen’, I don’t know what goes into making this mechanism robust and useful. I can ONLY suggest because I feel this could happen to anyone – a common man or a law maker! Rajesh Pilot is an example, who despite being a senior politician, had to lose his life in a tragic road accident. The recent road accident where a little girl died when Hema Malini’s car hit the car the victim was travelling in.

Besides promoting safe driving, we MUST also propose safer roads with great emergency response mechanisms in place.

As I write this, I hope my readers, will come up with their thoughts on this – any feedback, suggestion, ‘just thoughts’, anything! I hope, you will share it far and wide.

A BIG thank you from a mother, for feeling the pain of those who lost their loved ones in road accidents.


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