Just Musing ~~

What is ‘invaluable’ in your life? Family, work, lifestyle, standard of living, bank balance, wealth?

To me, the definition of invaluable is anything that can’t be bought with money. Something, the loss of which is irrevocable.

To me, it is my family. Rest, I BELIEVE, comes and goes – you lose a job, you get another; you can’t afford to buy a big car, there is every possibility that you can buy it some day; you can’t amass money in your bank account, I bet you WILL someday, if you try again.

I have experienced worst upheavals in life, things you can’t imagine. I have gone through bouts of depression. I have lost several times. So in times, when I am happy and feel accomplished, I don’t fear another fall coming my way. Reason? I KNOW how to handle debacles. I KNOW what I would do, NOT to break down. In other words, I have tasted life in all forms.

I have met many people in life, who came to me as friends, potential life partners, helpers, and even co-passengers. Each of them came to my life at the MOST APPROPRIATE time – when I MOST needed them. I feel totally fabulous when I think about them. Life is so interesting!

Today, when I look back in time, I realize that I have spent countless moments brooding over things that I thought I wouldn’t get in life. Again, life looks so interesting today when I see that I have got most of those things! So, I can’t help but hope that I will also get the rest.

Please don’t call me ‘lucky’. I am not lucky, I just waited, while working to achieve them.

At the end, I learnt, though in a hard way, Life’s impossibilities too have countless possibilities!’

As a result, over the years, my priorities have changed. BIG TIME!

To me, a job is a means to an end, not an end at all. Yes, I work for the pay-check that helps me buy my grocery, clothes, pay salary to my maids, pay my medical bills and fulfil my loan EMIs. Gossip, politics, and cut-throat competition, difficulties at work don’t affect me. It did earlier on, but not any more.

In the end, it is my family, closest friends, and myself, that I value the MOST. If they are with me, I fear NONE. If they are with me, I can withstand any avalanche in life. They are EVERYTHING.

My child’s toothless smile when he sees me reach home after a long work day; the spark in my mother’s eyes when I achieve something; my husband’s warm hug; my sisters giving me surprise visits – what else do I need to stay happy in life?

Life will never be a breeze. It will surely bring difficulties in life, and keep you thirsty and craving. At this moment, when I write this post, I am tackling a very tough situation. But, I feel my mind is in my control, so I tell myself confidently, with a smile – I will handle this too!


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