My Love for Drizzling Nights

Barsaat ki saundhi aawaaz mey gumm
Ek saans main uss khidki mey bhool aayi…

Breathtaking silence of darkness…broken by the growling sky…with sprinkles of desire in drops of rain…and ounces of love in my eyes.

P.S: Watching rains from the windows of my home. Bliss! 🙂


Letter to my Son

My baby,

It was June, 2014, when the doctor brought you out of my tummy, your home for 39 weeks 3 days!

I can’t forget that delicate, sweet, and loving cry I heard when you were pulled out. She held you close to my eyes, between me and the huge OT light. I couldn’t see your face. But felt that instant wave of love arise from the depths of my heart. I yearned to see you, hold you close to my bosom, smell your plump cheeks, and touch your soft hair.

When the nurse brought you to me, wrapped in a maroon cloth, and placed you by my side, my world shrank to the space where you and I lay – the hospital bed. The time froze in that moment of that divine Union, the Union of me with ‘myself’. You were myself, in my arms. I can’t describe that moment in words. The tears of joy that I shed, spoke a thousand words.

That moment I felt weak, a weak mother who feared that even a speck of dust could harm you. I felt protective. At the same time, I felt strong – I had YOU.

Each day and night I guard you like a fierce tigress, love you like crazy, kiss you like mad, weep like a fool, hug you like you are a priced possession. I need nothing more than YOU. You complete my life. You complete me.

Nothing can make me happier than your chimes of laughter. Nothing can hurt me more than your pain. Nothing can make me stronger than your presence in my life.

I love you, my little baby. You will remain little for me even when you hold your own child in your arms. You will be my baby for life, and beyond.

Today you turn one. I am so happy and excited.

On this day, I pray to the Almighty to bless you with the best on earth – a joyous, healthy-peaceful and protected long life. May you always meet good human beings and be surrounded by them. May you grow up honest and good, loving and caring!

May you own a rich life and a rich heart!

In life and after that, you will always be my reason to smile.

Hugs and kisses,

Your Maa


Just Musing ~~

What is ‘invaluable’ in your life? Family, work, lifestyle, standard of living, bank balance, wealth?

To me, the definition of invaluable is anything that can’t be bought with money. Something, the loss of which is irrevocable.

To me, it is my family. Rest, I BELIEVE, comes and goes – you lose a job, you get another; you can’t afford to buy a big car, there is every possibility that you can buy it some day; you can’t amass money in your bank account, I bet you WILL someday, if you try again.

I have experienced worst upheavals in life, things you can’t imagine. I have gone through bouts of depression. I have lost several times. So in times, when I am happy and feel accomplished, I don’t fear another fall coming my way. Reason? I KNOW how to handle debacles. I KNOW what I would do, NOT to break down. In other words, I have tasted life in all forms.

I have met many people in life, who came to me as friends, potential life partners, helpers, and even co-passengers. Each of them came to my life at the MOST APPROPRIATE time – when I MOST needed them. I feel totally fabulous when I think about them. Life is so interesting!

Today, when I look back in time, I realize that I have spent countless moments brooding over things that I thought I wouldn’t get in life. Again, life looks so interesting today when I see that I have got most of those things! So, I can’t help but hope that I will also get the rest.

Please don’t call me ‘lucky’. I am not lucky, I just waited, while working to achieve them.

At the end, I learnt, though in a hard way, Life’s impossibilities too have countless possibilities!’

As a result, over the years, my priorities have changed. BIG TIME!

To me, a job is a means to an end, not an end at all. Yes, I work for the pay-check that helps me buy my grocery, clothes, pay salary to my maids, pay my medical bills and fulfil my loan EMIs. Gossip, politics, and cut-throat competition, difficulties at work don’t affect me. It did earlier on, but not any more.

In the end, it is my family, closest friends, and myself, that I value the MOST. If they are with me, I fear NONE. If they are with me, I can withstand any avalanche in life. They are EVERYTHING.

My child’s toothless smile when he sees me reach home after a long work day; the spark in my mother’s eyes when I achieve something; my husband’s warm hug; my sisters giving me surprise visits – what else do I need to stay happy in life?

Life will never be a breeze. It will surely bring difficulties in life, and keep you thirsty and craving. At this moment, when I write this post, I am tackling a very tough situation. But, I feel my mind is in my control, so I tell myself confidently, with a smile – I will handle this too!