Life – an enigma

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I accept, adjust, I admit and agree

But that doesn’t take away the pain from me.

I am a human too, with flesh and blood

Let me live, let not all my desires flood.

I too have dreams, big and wild

Wish i cud start all over as a newborn child.

But it was already drafted, up in heaven

Not much could i do to change the plans.

My life is much different and not the one i wanted

But He had other plans, my wish wasn’t granted.

I keep pacifying myself “am so very blessed

It’s time I stop being so anxious and stressed”.

“At the end of the tunnel there is still hope

I just need to find a better n patient way to cope”.

I can never elope, i can neither quit

It’s my own life, it’s not just a skit.

So I learnt to accept, adjust…

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