I am Celebrating today – Delhi Gang Rape Convicts awarded Death

My prayers have been answered – the four brutes – convicts of the Delhi gang rape case have been awarded death sentence.


I appreciate Justice Yogesh Khanna for this remarkable verdict.

Excerpts from a news article </strong> on Times of India

“Besides discussing others offences, I straightaway come to section 302 (murder) of Indian Penal Code (IPC). This falls under inhuman nature of the convicts and the gravity of offence they committed cannot be tolerated. Death sentence is given to all the four convicts,” he said. “Court cannot turn a blind eye to such a gruesome act,” the judge said, while handing down the maximum punishment to the four convicts in the Delhi gang-rape case.

He said, “When crime against women is rising on day-to-day basis, so, at this point in time court cannot keep its eye shut.”

“There should be exemplary punishment in view of the unparalleled brutality with which the victim was gang raped and murdered, as the case falls under the rarest of rare category. All be given death,” the court said while reading out a portion of the order.

“This is a time when serious crime against a woman has come to the fore and now its judiciary’s responsibility to instill confidence among the women,” it said.

I don’t care if they appeal in higher courts. I am confident that everywhere they will be treated the same way – as inhuman brutes and beasts.

May the victim’s soul rest in peace now. May the family of the victim have peaceful sleep after this verdict.

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