Justice for Delhi Gang Rape Victim

“She was gang raped by six persons one by one and…iron rod and hands were inserted into the abdominal cavity…(and a) major part of her intestine was pulled out from the body. This aspect shows the severity of injuries caused to the victim,” said Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna.

…and the Human Rights advocates want the 17 year old convict to be treated as a juvenile? Eye-witness has confirmed that he was the cruelest of all. The same Human Rights advocates want life sentence and not death penalty for the other four convicts. Mockery of the value of a woman’s modesty and her life – it’s a mockery of life!

Don’t give logical reasoning like: Death means gone-at-once – no pain, no suffering. Don’t give me useless lectures on things like “a juvenile should be a given a chance to transform himself”. These are all crappy statements.

For a moment ask your self – it is hard to imagine, but please do! What if you were raped so brutally? What if your sister or daughter was raped? Would you want to give the juvenile a chance? Would you want these beasts to serve life imprisonment, and allow them time to transform?

What would be your instant thought? If you ask me, I would ask for nothing less than a cruel execution.

People in India believe – Jaan hai to jahaan hai (If you have life, you have everything) – How true is that! If given life sentence, these brutes will take a sign of relief and think the same! None of them is above 30 years old. This clearly implies, when they will walk out of jail, 14 years hence, they will be still potent young men – a hatta-katta jawan mard (as they call them in India – meaning healthy young men), and walking free on the streets to destroy the life of some other women.

If they marry, they will get involved on marital rape – or else, there are women outside for them.

OK, for a moment let’s imagine – that they are transformed men after 14 years, do you think this in any way gives justice to the poor girl who battled for life and then left this world with immense pain and shame? Will the parents of the deceased ever get to forget the trauma they were made to undergo for no fault at all? Will they ever get a peaceful sleep thinking about their helpless daughter who was butchered by these beasts.

If the honorable court awards life sentence to them today, I will lose faith on judiciary forever. Keeping fingers crossed and praying that these beasts rot in hell.

I also pray that the so-called juvenile gets the worst life after the three years of juvenile home-stay.

There is a serious need to revisit our laws – laws that are old and rudimentary, we all know. But who should take the first step? I am sure the onus is on our elected representatives sitting comfortably in Parliament.

Can we please make it 2014 General Elections youth agenda or demand, whatever you call it?

Time to rise – write, speak, mobilize public opinion. Can’t sleep over this. It could be me tomorrow – or maybe YOU.


6 thoughts on “Justice for Delhi Gang Rape Victim

  1. You know what, I always wanted to do something in this direction; wrote a few emails as well….didn’t help! Would love to take it forward!


  2. Totally agree with you. Eradicate the problem…not lock it up and incubate, we dont know what it will turn out to be later. Fear is a great motivator. That is the only way to control crimes.

  3. You know, it is not a bad decision if those people are set free. I am betting mob-justice would work best. No point sentencing them to death, then go through the High Court, Supreme Court, President’s Review Position, Back to Supreme Court etc etc. Justice delayed is denied, right. And say what you want with all the hope that you have in your heart, public memory is short in India. Best, allow people to serve justice on a platter. It would be instant – and also provide a strong deterrent.

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