The Desire

The desire to be a mother is reigning supreme over all other desires these days. 🙂 

I want two babies in one go – asking for too much? I don’t care. The Buddhist philosophy that I follow suggests that there is no harm in asking for what your soul desires – but ask with all positivism and faith in your self.

Doubts creep in – they will, any day. But, I uproot them at the very sight of them. 🙂 

No place for negativity anymore – in my life, or anybody whose life is associated with me.

I shall be a mother sooner or later – but I shall be one, and I shall surely announce it on blogosphere, for sure. 

Send me some baby dust, please! 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Desire

  1. Congratulations, Monika!

    Please do not think that I am a pessimist when I say that I don’t agree with your statement: “No place for negativity anymore.”

    You are indeed blessed. However, for vital issues such as springing life into this world, one ought to think about the consequences also. I feel that your want to give birth to two babies in one go is indeed asking for too much. Have you considered the hurdles you will have to overcome after giving birth to twins? First have you the financial means to support the needs of two babies? Even if you are financially affluent enough, do you, your hubby, and your and/or his parents have enough patience to bear the initial changes in the routine in your lives while rearing your babies?

    Whatever, my blessings to you, your family and to the new generation you will be bringing into this beautiful world.


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