A random thought!

“Thanks” is not just a 6-letter word of the English language. It is much more than that. This word involves your feelings – feelings of gratitude. If you say thanks, it shows that you are “really thankful” for whatever little or huge help someone has done for you.

So, today when you thank someone – just don’t say “thanks” for the sake of saying: Say with utmost sincerity. The receiver should feel the gratitude you house in your heart for him / her. Happy weekend.


15 thoughts on “A random thought!

    1. I agree, Harsha. I find it weird. You send a congratulatory note to someone on his / her promotion and you receive just a “Thank You!” in return.

      I may sound kiddish, but that thank you could come with a smiley – isn’t it? That would make you feel that your message has been received with joy.

      I hate DRY and plastic “thank yous” :/

  1. Totally agree with you…and no you don’t sound kiddish..i would like a smiley too :)..it conveys so much more. And gratitude..that is a word that is slowly fading in its importance. There are people who will get in touch with you only when they need something…and when its done..the thank you is more of a social commitment than anything else. you have a great weekend too πŸ™‚

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