Meet the Maker of the “Love Anthem” of India – Ankit Tiwari

I recently got the chance to interview Ankit Tiwari for my blog.

He is the one who swept you off your feet and made you fall in love with the concept of “love” with his enchanting compositions and voice in the famous Bollywood flick Ashqui2.

In this brief conversation, Ankit speaks about his journey to the tinsel town and shares some of his heartfelt feelings.

Ankit Tiwari
Ankit Tiwari

Monika: From Kanpur to Mumbai – how easy or tough was the journey?

Ankit: When you start a journey with your dreams, it’s always a known thing that it can be tough also. But you have to be ready for that. Yes, for me it was not a bed of roses. I was ready for the struggle and I proudly say that I pursued it with full honesty with my brother Ankur Tiwari. I did my struggle where stars Like Dev Sahab, Dilip Kumar Sahab, Bacchan Sahab, Shahrukh Sir, Javed Sahab and lots of top notch stars did their part of struggle. When you leave your home your family your friends – I mean to say that when you leave your comfort zone – then the challenge starts. Just go with your dreams and be honest with yourself and your work.

Monika: What percentage of luck and what percentage of hardwork, do you think, culminates into success – what worked in your case?

Ankit: If you are diving in the water you have to know how to swim and if you don’t want to meet sharks in the water you need luck… I think I made my point. 🙂

Monika: Two things about you that we don’t know – tell us about that.

Ankit: I am a foodie. I love road side food. I used to play Tabla in my school at the time of prayer.

Monika: What is your advice for small-town aspiring singers and music directors?

Ankit: Just follow your dreams with full honesty and responsibility.

Monika: Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Ankit: Cannot name them now but yes, I am working with Vishesh Films, T-series, Balaji Telefilms, Rajshree Films, Vikram Bhatt Productions, Rohan Sippy Films etc.

Monika: Thanks a lot for your time, Ankit! Wish you all the best!

Love Anthem of India – Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu – Composed and sung by Ankit Tiwari


Ankit Live – A truly talented youthful voice.


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