The Mantra of Happiness

The root cause of all sadness is the natural human tendency to “compare” oneself with others. Interestingly, we always tend to compare ourselves with people happier and richer than us. That’s an instinctive drive. We all do that. I also did.

But soon I realized that such comparisons will never let me feel rich like a queen. Or, make me feel blessed for all that I have.

Life is beautiful. But, disparity is all around – but where tears are smiles will also be there.

The mantra of happiness lies in believing that you have the BEST, now, at THIS moment. Grab the happy fulfilling moments or let them slip away with tears – just two choices to pick from.

Decision is yours – Choose the best – And stay blessed!

Sending loads of sunshine from the IT city of India – Hyderabad.


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