I Can, I will…Watch me!

Over the years I have come to realize one thing: People don’t believe in what you say; They believe in what you DO. People don’t care what kind of a human being you are – they care if you are pleasingly good, externally.

Be it a committed relationship or your work, what matters in the end of the day is the way you prove yourself – what you do – perform and excel. How you look matters a lot.

In every front of life, what matters is your performance. What you do? How you do, doesn’t count that much to others. You got to prove your credibility at every step. You need to be at your best – Thrive and survive, fulfilling other’s expectations of you.

This is ironical, but true.

I met people who talk loud about “I am what I am” – “I don’t care what others think of me” – “I gave my best; What they think – who cares?”. I would just say that this “hallucination” doesn’t last long. When it breaks, it breaks giving lot of trauma. After all, it DOES matter how you look and how well you do your job. You NEED to be, what they call, a PERFECT PACKAGE.

But, how many of us are “perfect packages”? Is it that easy? No it isn’t, but it’s possible. It is possible to polish at least one in-born skill in you.

Each one of us are born with a unique set of skills. Ask yourself, which is that skill you would like to nurture and grow with? I am sure you will get the best answer.

The moment you get the answer, try sharpening those skills. If you can’t afford to it NOW, I’d suggest: WAIT!! Wait for the best opportune moment – It will come, surely will.

After years of wait, I am now determined to learn to play guitar. I will not rest till I become an awesome guitarist. I have added meaning to my mundane life. I am happy.

I don’t believe in life after death. So for me, this is that ONE LIFE when I have the chance to make myself skilled and excel in life – at least to satisfy myself, so I say proudly, “I can, I will. Watch me!”

I can


6 thoughts on “I Can, I will…Watch me!

  1. I believe what you think really matters.
    People can affect your life for a while, not for always.
    In the long run, when you look back if you gave your best, you can safely rest back.
    I agree to the note that we can hone our skills, well we should, but I believe not for people who want us to be good, so that they can meet their selfish ends. I believe we should do them because we have inspired them in ourselves for our own greater good.

    Just my point of View….

    1. Thank you for finding time to read my random thoughts and leaving your valuable thoughts.

      To be honest, this post was a psychological truce – between the two “selves” that reside in me – one, a resolute self, and the other is a feeble self.

      So, you see a disparity in the flow of thoughts.

      Now, when I read this post in a peaceful mind state, I see the gaps.

      But thankfully, writing this post gave me the strength to forge forward with strength.

      Writing is bliss!

      Thanks again for your comment. I deeply respect and like your PoV.

  2. It’s true, people don’t really care about who you are as a person, your problems growing up, your traumas as an adult. They are just interested in your performance, and if you are lucky, they just might like it. But if they don’t, get ready to be torn apart to shreds.

    The world will never never feel sorry for you; it won’t be compassionate.

    So love yourself, because no one will ever love you in the way that you can.

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