Breathing Free

On the eve of India’s 67th Independence Day, when the nation is gearing up to celebrate the day with great fervor, I take a deep breath, just like my fellow-Indians, to feel the pride of being born in this great country – free and independent.

I sincerely bow down in respect for all the martyrs -known and unknown – who gave up their life, their youth, their personal desires, for just one DREAM – dream of a free India.


I salute those jawans and officers who are serving the Forces to keep us secure – safe – and breathing free air. Hats off to those martyrs who gave up their life to protect us from terror.

I feel deeply indebted.

In this mad rush to eulogize India’s achievements thus far, can we forget what we have lost?

Tomorrow, when the PM of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh will deliver a prepared speech celebrating the success of UPA government, would we forget what the governments after governments couldn’t achieve in these 67 years?

List the scams and the politicians linked to them. Has any one of them been punished. What did I hear? No?

List the murder mysteries of innocent civilians. Has any one been caught? I think I hear a “No”.

Eight months back, an innocent girl was brutally raped and murdered in the national capital. The nation rose in protest. Politicians were shaken to their guts. Result? The case got transferred to a “Fast Track Court”. And the irony is that the case is still going on – hearings after hearings – dates after dates.
If this is Fast Track court, I feel hopeless as a citizen about the justice system in India.

What about us? We have forgotten that horrid tale of the gang rape that was once a topic of discussion in every household.

This is nothing new; this is how things are in India – with Indians.

A little girl, five years old, can’t play safely in her neighborhood. There could be a sex-starved uncle living next door waiting to pounce on her – “She” who is just a baby!

A son steps out of his house to never come back again. The investigation is still on.

A young girl is brutally molested on a busy road, on the brink of being raped, and the criminals are roaming free, except one who has been punished for just two years – just two years for that horrid crime he committed.

A young worker at the Gurgaon toll gate gets shot by a motorist because he was doing his duty. Nobody remembers him. Why would anyone do that? We are so used to such news flashing everywhere that we have accepted the fact that we are living in absolute lawlessness.

Is this freedom?
Is this liberty?

Do you think we are free?

Who is accountable? Our leaders, the legal system, or we?

The answer is very tricky. Accountability means a huge responsibility. And nobody likes to be accountable.

…To be Continued.


5 thoughts on “Breathing Free

  1. Wish You a Happy and Prosperous Independence Day and to all Indians.. πŸ™‚
    Proud to be an Indian.. πŸ™‚

    And the Incident you mentioned is really sad and the main reason is not the Administration but we the citizen..For how long we are going to blame the Govt.if we are unable to take a stand for our right we will always see India as it is today..every Indian has the attitude “India mein Chalta hai” and I am afraid such attitude is ever going to change.. 😦

    1. Thank you so much and same to you. πŸ™‚

      You are right. The problem is not entirely with the administration. It’s with us. We build the society by developing ideologies back at home – developing values in ourselves and our children.

      Take it from me, Harsha, if we build a generation of values, India will be far more stronger and safer in future.

      The onus is on us…just “us”.

  2. Happy Independence day Moni …
    What i think about a country and it’s problems and who is responsible?So i directly blame the citizens and the public,because it is something of common sense that a country develops due to the vote of public,,,,Now a days the trend is that we vote the worst because we don’t know what they will show us further..A Failed Government or a corrupt Country ..
    Simply…Public is responsible because the soul of a good country is its public if public is week,blind,uneducated so the country and it’s leaders will be the same too as in English there is a saying..”As you sow so shall you reap”
    Blessings,love,hugs dear..
    Keep your smile on your lips
    Give your love to the bests
    The way of success should run behind you
    The people should break like a blind crew
    Stop when you think
    “words are better than silence”
    Then act and try to finish the violence!!!!!!!
    Your own friend

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