Homesick and Lonely…



These swaying white flowers by that lake are not just kans grass. This not just a scenery – this is my home town during autumns – beautiful and serene. 

I clicked this picture two years back on my way home from Guwahati airport. I wish the world was there to witness the maturing beauty of nature; I wish I had a high-end camera to shoot this beautiful location. 

I could smell the autumn in the breeze. I stopped my taxi by the side of the road and captured this on my phone (the output isn’t great, but I treasure it). 

As autumn sets in, my heart starts yearning to go home. Back to my land, where my loved ones live – they wait eagerly for me, every year. I visit my home town once a year. 

Autumn marks the advent of the joyous festival of Durga Puja (Durga is a Hindu goddess – puja refers to the rituals when we worship this goddess).


Fragrant shiuli or night-flowering  jasmine flowers bloom filling my heart with joy and excitement. 


Photography: Bhagyajit Bhuyan

There is a slight coolness in the air, with bright shining sunbeams. 


Every day I wake up with a strange nostalgia – memories of durga puja of my childhood, when the early-morning dew still drenched the grass blades, mornings were cold with bright sunshine. 

The smell of sweets and the aroma of Assam tea still lingers around. 

How I miss these sweet nothings of life! Durga puja is again round the corner. But I am already feeling lonely and homesick. My people are far, very far from me, and I can’t leave this mad rush to go there. While I write this, tears brim the edges of my heart. 

I miss home – I miss my people.






5 thoughts on “Homesick and Lonely…

  1. Still miss my childhud in Guwahati….!! 😦 the swt aroma and cool breeze lil chilling early mornings in the month of Oct. during puja days…!!! all new cloths …….!! miss those golden days… from last 5 yrs at delhi.. all alone… lonely cud not enjoy the DURGA Puja..!!

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