What’s the fun in a Mad Rush?

Until this month, I never wanted to taste the deadly competition outside. I wasn’t lazy, but I found no reason to do that.

I thought this was a mad rush. If I stepped out of my comfort zone, I would get lost. And I didn’t want to get lost because I had a more beautiful world outside work. Every day, I wait eagerly for the watch to show 8 pm – that’s the close of business for us. I pack my bag and rush home – my warm home sweet home.

But soon the reality mocked, and I found myself back in the grind, in the mad rush – and trust me, I am enjoying it. Even I didn’t know that I would, one day. 

Why am I enjoying tight deadlines, strict guidelines? Reason?

I have conditioned myself for this – to adjust happily. After all, in these times when working over time, working as an all rounder, working over and above “what you can do” makes you successful -mostly! No formula for success for sure. Yet, exceeding expectations is the goal – in the end of the day – your goal is to exceed your own expectations.

Family will stay – the love of your life will hang on – they will cling to you even in harsh times, but work will not. It will love you when you surrender yourself completely to it. In your relationship with work, you must give your 100%, a bit more if necessary, not less anyway!

It’s like give it all or nothing at all. 

Unknowingly, I  have started loving this mad rush. Hope this love affair goes on forever. 

The fun in this mad rush is that there is no fun at all! šŸ˜€



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