A Part of Me who never Grew Up…

If you ask my best friend to define me, she’d say: A part of Monika never grew up after sixteen

How true is that! How precisely she knows me! I wonder.

Indeed a part of me never grew up beyond sixteen. That part of me makes me gel so well with people much younger than me – my students for that matter! When I speak with people half my age or a bit more,  I completely forget that I am now 33 – aging gradually. 

I always believed, and I still do that age is not just a matter of passing years of life. It is more than this. Age is all about becoming more rational and younger at heart with graying hair and falling teeth. It’s about accepting people of other age groups in the way they are – agile, full of life and love. 

If you ask me what I learn from young people, I’d say: I learn to talk freely about love; I learn to love madly and passionately; I learn to laugh out loud when my heart wants to; I learn to hold the hands of my partner in public without bothering what others might think; I learn to kiss him everyday and night despite spending half a decade with him in marriage.

I don’t care what people think about me – I just care about that little “self” inside me who is always agile, restless, and full of romance. I will never let her die inside me. I will always be young at heart, as I am today.




6 thoughts on “A Part of Me who never Grew Up…

  1. BTW I said you not to use the word ‘aging’ as the more you use the word aging themore older you tend to look..So don’t use and be young.. 🙂
    On a funny Note..What you learned form me.. 😉

  2. Monika you are only 33 so I think u r still young……I like the way you think one should always be young at heart……age just doesn’t matter. By the way I am 36 but I still feel I am in my 20s…Life is such a fun. Dil toh baccha hai ji 🙂

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