A Kiss of Winters

A Pink sari, and a black suit
Shivering winters
Cinder and soot
Two pair of eyes
Two souls
A pack of lies and some truth
One moment and a kiss
Handful of desires and a wish
I want them all…I want them now
A kiss on my lips and one on my brow
Oh! boy, let’s meet again in a winter morn
Let’s love each other from dusk to dawn


7 thoughts on “A Kiss of Winters

  1. Wow Monika you are on a Spree today I guess..Post after Post… 🙂
    And to this one very well narrated..Somewhere I can sense it belongs to you and your Hubby.. 🙂

  2. Awwww…. dam ROMANTIC……..!! 😀 supeb while going through it I felt like a true story running as a movie clip….!!!

  3. You r most welcum… di !! 😀 I read each and every BLOGs that you post… I never miss any of them …!! 🙂 but the truth is i don’t post comments on each !!!!

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