Why Dreams don’t get fulfilled?

In your life, you must have found yourself saying: When will my dreams come true? Oh! Why did my dreams never got fulfilled?

You must have said this when you were dreaming to get your “dream job” – when you were waiting to become a parent – when you were desperate to get a promotion – when you were dying to travel to your dream destination – when you were yearning to buy your first car – when you were dying each day to convince your parents to accept the love of your life, and the list goes on. Phew!

I have to admit that I have said this several times! And I must also admit that it wasn’t easy. Waiting patiently for your dream to get fulfilled isn’t easy. It takes away your peace of mind and your ability to think positively.

I have also gone through this mess, and every time I did, I just asked one question to myself: Why do our Dreams don’t get fulfilled?

Very recently, I found an answer to this question, and trust me it gave me lot of peace.

The answer is: Very often our dreams don’t get fulfilled because we stop chasing them after a point.

This is very normal – very human. How much can you run after your dream? Can you run after it until death? The obvious answer is NO. But surprisingly, if you look around you will notice that people who chased their dreams till the end, surely achieved it – if not in the same form as they had thought, in a different form for sure.

So before giving up on something, remember this: Giving up means intentionally losing your chances to achieve your dreams. If you have life, you can achieve anything. It may take time, but will materialize one day – some day – but for sure.


7 thoughts on “Why Dreams don’t get fulfilled?

  1. Wow Just Inspiring…And I really Love Chasing my Dreams as One Day For Sure I know my dreams will be reality..I just pray to God not to make me weak in Chasing my dream.. 🙂

  2. Well, if it is comforting – our nightmares do not get fulfilled either (mostly, thank God) !! We can remember that, and keep chugging along towards our dream !!

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