Just One Life to Live

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Do you believe in previous birth, or the next? If you do, this post still has some message for you. And if you don’t, then this post is just for you.

To start with, I’d like to share an experience with you. Last night, I was at a local eating joint with my family. It was 10 pm at night. I was tired after a long day at work, and was already half-demoralized by some demotivating events that took place during the day. I wanted some break, away from work. So, it was a nice relaxing evening, full of laughter, joy, and fun with my loved ones.

When I was all set to order the food, I called a waiter. He came to me with a smile on his face, which I believe, was the best of all I saw that day. He was lanky guy, hair trimmed to a centimeter in length. His uniform was worn out, but his body language and facial appearance was just the opposite – vibrant! The slightly titled badge on his narrow chest read – Kaushik – that was his name.

I placed the order for food and he gracefully noted them down – not on his notebook, but on his left palm, with the index figure of his right hand running and making moves, like a pen on a notebook. He left to get the food.

I was impressed by his zest and enthusiasm, and at the same time, felt a bit ashamed and guilty. I asked myself: How much do you think is his salary? What could be his next career move? Does he own a career at all? Can he buy a car for himself in this lifetime? The answer that came back was a “No!”.

I felt a hollow and a void in my heart. I instantly learnt one thing: We have just one life to live! There is no surety of getting another life after death. This is the life we have to live with all our joys and sorrows – with fulfillment and void. Then, why crib? Why not live each day with extreme passion and craze? Why shed tears for people who don’t care for us? Why not live for those who care, rather!

I learnt, in those 5 minutes of meeting that enthusiastic waiter, about the real meaning of the fantastic journey called life.

If you are depressed about one missing happiness in your life, think of the people who don’t have any. Nothing should break you. People overcome the loss like the demise of a loved one!! Then, can a job loss, failed expectations, or broken heart, have the capacity to break you?

Life is beautiful; you just need to live it for yourself “first”. Do something that you are passionate about; bring thrill into your life. Leave those people alone, who care a damn for you. Maybe during their lone time, they too learn to value this “one” life and the blessing of having people like you in their life…or maybe, you learn to accept them as they are or learn to deal with them in the right manner.

Here’s a quote from Montel that means so much to me. Sharing with you.

Live with no excuses and love with no regrets

Don’t excuse yourself from the fun of life, just because you have been betrayed or ditched. Live your life to the hilt, with no regrets for the wrong choices you made. Remember – You, at least, learnt what not to choose for the next time. 🙂

Don’t give up perusing your passion just because you feel that you have grown old enough to do that. Many maestros have started learning their art in old age, to master that before they died. Is it not an achievement? At least they lived their passion and died with it, happy.

Shed tears only when you achieve something that you thought you wouldn’t be able to – I mean, shed sweet tears of happiness.

Learn to forgive. Because, forgiving someone makes you a victor and the one who is forgiven gets life. Remember – You are richer than him / her because you have a kind heart.

I am no guru to preach anything. But, this is what I have learnt in this life, through the joyous days and dark nights of my life. And, I think I am stronger person than I thought I was.

Learn to growl at your problems with all your might. They are coward dogs. Sooner or later, they will flee leaving you in absolute happiness and peace. 🙂


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