Where All say ‘Good Bye’

While travelling to my office, I pass by this strange plot of land – a graveyard (for Christians and Muslims) and a crematorium for Hindus, interestingly, on the same plot, divided by walls.

While we are alive, we bind ourselves within the confines of religious boundaries and forget that our final destination is death.

This reminds me of what Bulle Shah has beautifully said:

|| Gal samajh laee te raolaa keeh
eyh Raam, Raheem te Maulaa keeh?

Meaning, “Why all this commotion if you claim understanding?
Why this fuss about calling Him Ram, Rahim or Moula?”

 “This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape


8 thoughts on “Where All say ‘Good Bye’

  1. Wow..That is very Nice and lesson we must learn not bind ourselves..
    BTW even in B’lore I see Graveyard’s of different religion bind together…
    Nice Writeup… 🙂

      1. 🙂 hope so. if they don’t, i will have to correct my writing skills. 😀

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