Holiest Bliss – Your Love

In the midst of a lashing storm and heavy shower,

Outside my window in the dark,

You touched every part of my soul, restless and sour.

Like a thousand blossoms in a happy spring of my heart,

I bloomed in your arms, so strong and warm.

The fragrance of your breath lit the shadow of my existence,

I was no more a “me” but you.

And you and I were one.

Do I seek moments more endearing than these?

When I am in love with you – in moments of holiest bliss.


12 thoughts on “Holiest Bliss – Your Love

    1. Thank you, Harsha. 🙂 I am glad that you frequently visit my blog. Can’t thank you enough.

      Just a question: Do I know you? You are from Assam, so am I. I guess I have seen you.

      1. I live in Hyderabad – Guwahati is my hometown. I have my home in Kalapahar. Great to know you. What do you do, besides writing?

      2. Currently working as Software Developer in Bangalore but trying my luck in Banking Sector and as for writing my blog is just 2 months old….What you do besides writing because you write very good… 🙂

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