Oh! I love Awards

I may sound juvenile, but I so truly, madly, shamelessly love to be rewarded for my good work. Be it home or on WordPress – not so much interested at work, though (Reason? Don’t know!!).

I love flaunting trophies, medals, citations, etc. just because they make me feel like a little kindergarten kid who has won her first little award or trophy. At 33, I feel like 3!

I have won a couple of awards here and there, but just curious to know if anyone finds my blog good enough to be rewarded **smiling shyly** ( after all I am being so cheesy). 🙂 Every time I see award badges on other blogs, I think: Oh, I wish I get one soon. 

I am sure one day I will. 😀

Keeping fingers crossed, while I try to write better day-by-day. 


9 thoughts on “Oh! I love Awards

  1. Truly 🙂 Everyone loves an award. I think the secret is to spread the blog to a wider audience. The more people that see the blog, the better it is.

  2. Hi Monika! Luv to read about your true feelings..you know what I feel everybody loves to be nominated for the awards. I have been blogging since November 2012 and whenever I get award it motivates me to keep writing and boost my confidence. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Its not only the kindergarten kids but we all adults long for the positive feedback. It is important for every person. It always motivates you for accomplishing a goals in life. I too feel very happy when I get an award….but very lazy to post them promptly. I noticed that you have been blogging since 2009….it’s a very long time period. You are so dedicated to your blog….that surely points to the fact that you are a great blogger…and I am sure all your readers enjoy your posts. I have only recently started following your blog and I like your blog. Yet to explore more…would luv to visit again n again.

    1. Hi Rachna,

      It’s so sweet of you to have typed such a long comment. It was very encouraging.

      I am so glad that you visited my blog and intend to visit again. I feel indebted.


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