Crying Fool

There is one breed of people in this world who just love listening to you – just listening!

On any normal day, they will walk up to you and ask: How are you doing? You reply: I am good.

They are not satisfied; they start asking about your work and family – All well at work and family? They ask smartly. You go on: Oh yes! (Assuming that they must have sensed your restlessness due to a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a trouble at work) You quickly start making up stories, exaggerating facts to convince that person that “For God’s sake! All is well! Now leave me alone!!

Later when that person leaves you alone “finally”, you have this HUGE realization that “you spoke more than required” – you divulged facts that should have been a secret. And while you went on speaking, and speaking, and speaking – that person just remained quiet, changing expressions of his/her silly face depending upon “what you said”.

With this realization, you also realize: What a BIG fool you are!! Bang! You hit the desk with your fist tightly closed. After all, you can’t punch that person (who was such an understanding and calm listener of your loooooong tales that came out of “Nothing”.

You spend the day sulking, repenting, and cursing yourself. Swearing yet again: Next time, I will zip my mouth, for sure! Ironically, you naturally unzip it next time again.

A painful *Sigh*. 😦


5 thoughts on “Crying Fool

  1. That’s where I have been doing it wrong! Hitting my desk with my hand or fist! If I did that I wouldn’t have to always explain the bruises on my forehead between my eyes!! Duh!!! 😉

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