A Tribute to My Favorite Film Maker

One man, who made me love Bangla movies – Rituporno Ghosh (an acclaimed film maker and an outstanding actor) – is no more. Today, he has left for his journey to heaven. What he has left behind is just a vacuum.

His movies – Abohomon, Baariwali, Rain Coat, Shubho Mahurat and many more – will remain as great masterpieces for the film-loving posterity to come.

I can never forget his acting in Sanjoy Nag’s much acclaimed movie – Memories in March. It made me smile, cry, and introspect. Posting the trailer for my friends.

Adiu Rituporno. You will remain in my memory and heart forever.


3 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Favorite Film Maker

  1. I remember searching the download link for Memories in March frantically over the internet and when I finally got one, I had spent an entire night watching this masterpeice! I was awe-struck with the talent this man possesed. What a heart rendering movie it was! Simply superb! Will always remain one among my favourites!
    This is a great loss for all of us! We won’t be gifted with such masterpeices yet again! 😦 May his soul rest in peace!

  2. I watched the movie ‘Rain Coat’, and I must admit it is one of the best movies I have watched so far. Rituporno Ghosh was indeed a great persona, may his soul rest in peace.

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