I Fought…and I Achieved Happiness

Year 2002, in Guwahati – I was about to complete my Bachelors degreeΒ in a year’s time. I was very happy, not because I could now go out of town for my higher studies, but because I could now “earn”, not for myself alone, but for my family, comprising my mother and sisters. I couldn’t wait. I started my job hunt.

What was my career choice? Did I have a choice anyway?

I asked my friend, Shekhar, to make a Bio-data for me (this is how we referred to a resume’ that time). It was a “bio-data” without any work experience. The only thing that I had highlighted was my pride of being a BA final year student of Cotton College – the Oxford of the North-East India. I was sure that employers would hire me seeing this.

I clearly remember going to a Jet Airways ticketing agency and giving my resume. That time, I had no idea how and where a resume should be forwarded. I was not aware of the concept of HR. The lady in uniform, who received my resume with utter confusion and irritation on her face, told me: Thank you for this. I shall give it to my supervisor. She took the piece of paper from my hand and dumped it on a table that lay beside her. I still thought: I may get a ground job with Jet Airways. I knew English; I shall graduate soon! Then, why not!

Days passed by, then months, but I never got any interview call.

A year later, I started tuition classes and earned money for our daily bread.

It was time to pick a regular source of income. Tuitions were erratic. I HAD to choose a career, which in India is the last choice of every individual who can’t afford to study in a B-school, an engineering or medical college for that matter. I chose teaching. In February 2003, I got my first job in a public school, as a Kindergarten teacher. I was appointed on the condition that I shall be confirmed only if I could show my degree.

Then the great day was here. It was the BA finals result day. The graduation result sheet was in my hand; I had topped in my class and stood seventh in the entire university. It was a day of great happiness. I knew, my life would settle down soon.

I hated to teach ABC to the kindergarten kids; Very often, I lost patience. Mom said: Endure!! Dream big. I took her words very seriously, and started dreaming of being an IAS officer – started preparing for the Prelims. Despite a year’s tough hard work, I failed. For the first time, I lost hope – I gave up. I cried bitterly. I thought: What could I do to do something BIG in life? I got no answer.

I made my heart believe: Teaching is your career. Mom said: Do best and be your best “wherever” you are, and “whatever” you do. Those words remained stamped on my mind. I started afresh! Taught with all my heart – got a promotion to the high school and started teaching my favorite subject – Geography to the tenth standard.

I loved every day in school – teaching, playing, laughing, dancing, and singing with grown up children. Many times, I became their problem solver – a teenage guide – a psychologist – and at times a friend and a parent. I enjoyed these multiple roles. Teaching was now in my blood.

In the year 2007, destiny brought me to Delhi. I came here with the aspiration to become a teacher in a reputed public school. But an unplanned meeting with my mentor, who was then heading the online team of a newly launched English news channel, turned my destiny forever. He offered me a job in the online team. I was scared, nervous, and unsure. I didn’t know how I fitted into that role. But, I accepted the offer. In other words, I plunged into a career that I never knew or even dreamt I could earn.

Each day was a hard learning. I rose in my career ladder not step-by-step, but inch-by-inch, slow as a snail. I learnt from people who were younger in age and career. I learnt whatever they taught – I was growing.

After that, there was no turning back. I kept forging ahead. I believed in one thumb rule: Learn each day – apply your learning in your work and DREAM BIG.

In the year 2011, I earned a job with the world’s most prestigious consulting firm – Deloitte. When I look back, I realize how tough it was to get here, for a small-town school teacher, with no degrees in Business. No doubt, it was a journey worth cherishing.

In August 2012, I won an intra-firm blogging contest and earned the prestige of representing the firm as a Brand Ambassador at the London Games 2012. When I took a seat in a Jet Airways flight that would take me to Heathrow (London), I closed my eyes for a while.

I recalled that day, ten years ago, when I went desperately looking for a job at a Jet Airways ticketing counter. I smiled in my heart. I took a deep breath and thanked my destiny or God, whatever it is, for being so kind to me.

Tomorrow, February 17, 2013, I shall complete 10 years of an enriching journey in career. I feel I have achieved, unknowingly, so much. I have learnt so much – i have tasted failure and success, both.

Ten years hence, I may or may not be the CEO of a firm. But, I can say one thing for sure that I will be a more experienced human being who will proudly tell her children that giving up is the end of life. One, who forges forward with sincerity and focus, never loses any battle. Even if he loses for the world, he will be able to say with pride, and with no pain in heart: At least I fought! At least I tried! And, so I am happy and content. This will make a human being a true winner.


65 thoughts on “I Fought…and I Achieved Happiness

  1. What a brilliant success story! And unlike all those feel good stories read in self improvement books, this one happened to someone who was and remains close to me. Your humility shines through.

    “Main kuch nahi hu, trust me, main kuch nahi hu” – these words echo in my ears.

    Best of luck!

  2. Great things to learn from your short true story….!!! Prayers for your more achievements in life achieve more fame and recognition all over the world….!! the most similar cry comes out of my eyes and heart but my mom to leads my way…!!! i am also crawling the way of small success which i never dreamed of its destiny of truth some times i pinch myself to know the reality…!!

  3. Dear ma’am, I am surprised to learn the fact that I didn’t read this post before. But somewhere I am extremely glad to read it today. It couldn’t have been a more perfect time for me than today. Was feeling very dishearted. Was tensed for my future, my career. I am counting my days when I shall get a job finally. There’s not much time left. Terribly needed a source of motivation when I happened to land upon this post of yours. Co-incidence! The only thing I’ve with me today are my “Dreams” which seems to be far fetched at times but still I am determined.
    Thanks a lot for putting this one up! You’re truly my source of inspiration. Hope someday I too shall be looking behind my journey with a smile. Need your blessings!

    1. Trisha,
      I have seen the spark in you and I tell you today, from my experience – YOU will SHINE, if you don’t give up. Blessings for you. Let me know if you everr need me.

  4. I really admire you as a person! Your story is very inspiring…..It was all your passion, sincerity and dream which played a big role in ur success. God Bless You!

  5. Wonderful story MOni…
    You shared your whole life in career that truly made me proud of you and one thing i will tell you;
    “hope is that ladder where you can’t step in by keeping your hands in pocket,hope is the thing that can build up your character again,In world everything dies but hope never dies,if your hope died so means your life is end!
    So never let your hope level go down and keep struggling,
    Congrates for spectacular success πŸ™‚
    Cheers,blessings and love
    your small friend Yasmeen

    1. Hi Yasmeen,

      I am so glad that you liked me story. Thanks for your encouragement and motivation. I am touched. Your words on hope came just at the right time. I was feeling a bit sad and demoralized today. You are a little girl, but allah has given you a very mature personality. I appreciate that. Love and blessings.

  6. Monica its truly been a pleasure reading this article….i felt i was watching a movie of a small town girl who at last made her DREAMS come true….i am so happy for you and i wish you loads of success and happiness in the coming years..

  7. Your blog was very inspirational. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that appear hopeless and depressing, but we never realize that that experience is merely a piece in a large zigg zagg pussle called life. It is very important to maintain a positive attitude, to keep moving forward and stay stagnant or to even regard ourselves as failures too early in the game.

    My life has taken to different places, but I always end up going back home, to my family. They are more important to me than anything else. They are my motivation, my salvation when I am lost and sad.

    I wonder too what to do about my life. I’ve tutored young children and teenagers as well. I enjoyed my nonprofit jobs– felt like I was part of something big and meaningful.

    Accounting is a fun subject for me, and although it might seem boring to some– I like it because I find it useful and challenging. I want to have career I can be proud of, and make enough money to live comfortably and help my family out.

    So thanks for this post. It meant a lot to me. (-:

    1. I am glad you thought my blog is inspirational. I think my purpose is accomplished.

      Me and my family have seen the worst days, so worst that a normal being would get terrified at the very description of it. But, one thing that I learned all through these events and jolts is that life is really “unpredictable” – it has good and bad in store for everyone.

      Most people do not share their personal life events – failures and heartbreaks with others – they keep it secret. So, we think: Oh! No one is as wretched as me.

      But the truth is, life hurls troubles, hurdles, and challenges at everyone. How we handle it makes all the difference! If we continue to dream, hope, and aspire, we are sure to meet happiness and success.

      But if we leave our dreams mid-way, we lose the battle long before it is won.

      So endure, my dearest! MARK MY WORDS – You will get happiness and peace, and all that your heart desires, sooner or later. An you will come back on this post to inform me.

      Sending lots of sunshine from India.

      1. yayyyy!!! love you.

        and if you ever come to Hyderabad, India…I am your contact.

        My home will be your “homestay” – just a bit of spicy Indian food and lessons on Hindi (our language) :p

  8. Well this was something Amazing to come across right in the morning ! You believe in destiny ? Me too ! I Loved your caption mostly because I was never able to say this line for my whole life till now…. I hope I could be that lucky as you are πŸ™‚ My wishes are with you…. You will do great because you have recognized true happiness πŸ™‚ Love you ! xx

    1. Now you ask some really tricky questions πŸ˜€ Well, I can talk about myself. I never thought I would be here today – honestly. I dreamed to be a successful government officer (easy life and decent salary, and not to forget a pension for life.

      But, things didn’t work out as planned – Man proposes God disposes, they say. True that!

      I sailed with the tide to reach here, where I am today. But one thing that remained consistent through this journey, was my willingness to “learn” – it still persists!

      I had no choice but to make the best of wherever I was and build new dreams to live and cherish – I mean it! I chose not to crib on losing my dream – I rather decided to build many more.

      Trust me, each day I live a dream – I do what I like to do. A career for me is a job that I need to do with utmost sincerity. Living a fulfilling life with my family and closest friends is my dream. I am glad I am living my dream. πŸ˜€

  9. I dont konw why i saw it at the top of your blog, though it was 7 month old and you had post of this current day. But m glad it happened. I’m glad i read this rather than any other post. It was a pleasure, indeed.


    “Tum kuchh nahi se bht zaada ho!” TRUST ME!!

  10. Hello Monika…I have been following your blog for a few days now….And after reading this particular post, I could not refrain myself from posting a comment. I just learned that we are from the same work place. I checked out your DNet profile and found that you work from Hyd. Felt very nice to know that and that you are one among the few who represented the firm at London Games 2012. Wishing you success all through your life!

  11. Brilliant… I am not a good reader but I am a fan now πŸ˜€ Loved each and every word of it….

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