Promise of a Broken Heart

(Dedicated to all single women, who dared to live without a man)

A bit of you and a bit of me made ‘us’.

Together we sang the song of love, from morn to dusk.

Lost a bit of ‘you’ and us became ‘me’.

What a game is love, you see!

… a win for you and a loss for me.

Alliance of souls it is, they say,

… a union of hearts and a hope of life in a ray.

What I see in you now is not what I knew…

Neither sunshine nor soothing winter dew.

Half a me has set out for a journey so lonely and long.

Another is left with me humming a fighter’s song.

It sings aloud strong and right,

‘I promise I shall endure and sail on…

Till I drop dead and forever gone’.


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