Let’s Demand Strict laws for Rape Cases…

Ever since I heard of this brutal rape case of Delhi, I can’t stop thinking about the girl who is battling to survive. It’s not the first time that I felt so sick to the core of body and soul. The gang rape of the 8-year old, Barnali in Guwahati, also gave me the similar feelings.

As a woman, I feel insecure in this country, where men roam on the streets like hungry cannibals, looking for innocent prey.

I feel ashamed that I am born in a country where the society is so hypocrite that it makes separate societal norms for men and women – making them aware completely, that men are a superior breed. Societal rituals are for women to follow, and mind you, they are quite strict for women and loose for men. The mind of a man is set from childhood to think that he is the super breed and he is capable of controlling a woman – in any possible way.

This confidence that builds up in the mind of a man is strengthened by the lawlessness of the nation.

Nobody – in fact nobody in the legislature is bothered about making laws that are stringent and exemplary.

Whenever an incident of this magnitude happens, the media fights a lonely battle and then becomes quite – what can they do? They are running no NGO – they are also into the business and that’s their job – just to bring news to you and me! The real power rests on the parliamentarians, who can change / modify/ amend the existing obsolete laws.

They can make the laws and punishments for such crimes so strong, that no one should even dare to THINK of teasing a woman / girl – raping should become thing of the past.

Police should be trained well to handle rape cases – and treat victim with care and sympathy. Strict and very strict laws should be made in this respect also! Every police official should know that he is BOUND by laws to take quick action on a rapist and handle a rape victim with utmost care and sympathy.

Is it possible?

Now, when I write this piece, I know my voice will go unheard – no Sushma Swaraj, Mayawati, Uma Bharti, or Mamata Banerjee will respond to the heartache of a woman – I have lost all hopes.

But, I am writing this because YOU are reading. You and I who make the electorate. We have the power to make it clear to all political parties – No action from your front, means no action from our side. If you make laws as desired by the nation, we will stand by you, and if you don’t, sit on the opposition bench. Make them believe – the NATION IS WATCHING.

My heart goes out for all rape and eve teasing victims – some lost life and some are struggling to survive. Tears roll down my eyes to even think of the parents who are going through this mess for no fault at all!

Tomorrow it could be YOU, me, or your and my loved ones – going through this same horrific situation. Is it OK to sit back and watch. Hasn’t the time come when we should mobilize public opinion on this and communicate this to the leaders of this country – and especially to those over 100 women Parliamentarians who represent the “so-called” weaker sex?

Rise up India! Wake up India!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Demand Strict laws for Rape Cases…

  1. Your voice hasn’t gone unheard. We the people of india want laws to be more strong in this sort of cases so that no one can even dare to think of such action. In rape cases culprits should be hand over to public. Let public decide what should be done to this inhuman. I to feel regret of being born in this country. Country where womens are worshiped as goddess durga, kali, saraswati n laxmi in that country only girls and women are buterly raped. I regret to be the citizen of this country.

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