Reason to Celebrate Life

I am blogging after months, and thanks to the nature of my job! Business consultancy keeps you so busy that you hardly have time to spend quality time with your family, writing for leisure is a distant dream, no doubt. I don’t regret, that’s my choice of life. And, when the choice is mine, I have nothing to complain about.

Well, what prompted me to write  today? Reason? No gifts from my closest people on my birthday…a birthday that I celebrated all by myself (self effort so to say) 🙂 Sounds juvenile? Sounds insane? Well…Allow me to explain.

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday – a day, that has not only been special to me and my twin sister since our childhood, but also for my mother, my maternal uncles, maternal aunt, and my dear ones.

Memories of Dhula mama (my eldest maternal uncle) cleaning the entire house – including its windows, doors, and ceilings, since morning, just because it was our birthday, is still so clear in my mind. He hummed songs from Hindi films and did this chore, with all excitement and happiness.

Kalyan mama (my second maternal uncle) pulled his bicycle, hung a jhola (a cloth bag) to its handle, and went to fetch vegetables, spices, dry fruits, and meat from the market, to be cooked for dinner at night.

Piku mama (my youngest and fattest maternal uncle), raced his bicycle through the busy roads of Fancy Bazar to get the most delicious mithai (sweets) of Guwahati, from the famous sweet shop – Bharatiya Jalpan.

Maasi (my maternal aunt) cooked whole afternoon for the lavish birthday dinner. And my mother offered special puja that day. She gave us loads of love and blessings, along with tiny gifts – mostly things that we really needed (panties, slips, chappals etc. :D). She always said: Celebrate each birthday with great excitement because you are gifted with another year of life by the Almighty. These words got printed on my heart and mind.

With the sunset, the festivities began. Close relatives and neighbors started pouring in with little tokens of love – a Rupee 5 ball-point pen, a set of two handkerchiefs, a set of Pencils, a towel, and sometimes just chocolates, all wrapped in golden, silver, red, and green shiny papers.

I remember, my mother’s cousins – Ranju mama, Baali mama – gifted just Rupees 11 with a toffee, nana (my maternal grandpa)   gifted Milk Bikis (wrapped in newspapers; tied with white thread) and a Rupees 5 note. Aah! What a happiness it gave to my heart.

This tradition of birthday celebration lasted until year 2006 – then I moved out to join the race of rats in Delhi. Lost all the beauty and charm of a “home sweet home’ with loved ones who valued my existence to such an extent.

And behind I left, those warm and giving hearts – lost many in these years. Dhula mama died battling Schizophrenia; Ranju mama fought and succumbed to cancer; Bali mama died a day after this Diwali, fighting a prolonged sickness. Nana-nani left for heavenly abode in the year 2003 and 2004 respectively.

I miss those little gifts, those warm and jovial hearts surrounding me. Now, it has become more like a “must-do” ritual of cake cutting and nothing beyond this. No surprises, no gifts, and no tradition of making me feel special.

Yesterday, I realized for the first time that in 32 years of my life, that I am growing old – old enough for others, giving them a reason not to celebrate my birthday.

But for me, a birthday – of mine or somebody else’s – will always remain a reason to celebrate with gifts, balloons, and sparkling papers.

Reasons to celebrate life are limited. So, this should be the one, my heart believes! What is your take on this thought?


9 thoughts on “Reason to Celebrate Life

  1. A moving post!
    This post leaves me with a thought – a thought that will stay with me for a long, long time.
    “Pariwartan hee sansar ka niyam hai”. One can’t fight change. One must accept.
    Feels great to see you writing again! God bless you 🙂

  2. i loved it. So true. Thanks for Sharing Sonika. And Happy birthday Sonika & Monika. I will come back to your blog and wish you every year-

  3. Your about page intrigues me so when I saw this page, the title immediately grabbed my attention. When you have love of family, you have nearly everything. There is unconditional love. They usually know all your lows and highs and despite that (for the most part) they still love you!.
    I love the fact that you used birthdays as a core reason to Celebrate Life and yet when you think of it, everyday is a birthday, a reason to pause, meditate, give thanks, contemplate your past, take hope in your future and when you have the Almighty and can realize that His love was with you before He created the Heavens and the Earth, each day becomes even that much more special.
    I’m an American and I love the perspective from “brothers and sisters” the world over. I have tried so hard most of my life to NOT live in a “box” but to expand my thinking when it comes to culture and others who struggle with life’s issues just like I!
    I love your writing, the way you are so clear with your thoughts and I love the input and the fearlessness with which you explain your upbringing and Indian culture to those of us who are ignorant (not stupid) of different cultures!
    I so look forward to following your posts, reading your past ones and looking forward to future ones. Thank you for sharing your journey through this thing we call “life!” You are performing a service (a ministry) with your gifted writing and anytime a person is willing to share their heart with a complete stranger, providing inspiration, encouragement and instruction, I call that a demonstration of true love because it is being unselfish!
    Thank you, thank you for taking what little time you do have to give us an insight into your life, loves and gift that we call the “present!” God bless you completely, abundantly and richly!!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message. I read it out to my husband. 🙂 Please keep visiting my blog. I will soon visit yours!

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