The Broken Sync – Love & Marriage

Sheetal is a woman – like any other woman, who dreams to marry, have kids, and live in a ‘home sweet home’ with her man and child. Daughter of a failed marriage, she always wanted to marry a man who would shelter her, protect her, love her beyond all limits, listen to her heartaches, and cherish her smiles. She had resolved to be a caring, loving, and understanding wife – in fact, a friend in disguise.

Yes, she found a man, who was exactly like the “man of her dreams” – He was Jiten. He loved poetry, music, and fun. He said: Sheetal, I just love you. I just want to see you happy and smiling always. Every pain and hardship that you went through in your childhood is something that you need to forget! And I am sure that my love will make you forget all that!

Sheetal said to herself: Yes, this is my man! Oh, I am so lucky to have found a man who is so “unlike” my father. He loves me so real! Everything seemed like a dream – but like the one that really came true.

They got married and soon Sheetal’s dream of becoming a mother came true. She delivered a cute and plump baby boy a year later. She thought, as her elders had told her often, that this baby would heighten their bonding. She believed that she was now the mother of his son – so she ought to be the queen of Jiten’s heart. 

Often in the evenings, she waited for Jiten to get back home and take her in her arms, hug her tight to make her feel how much he loved her. She waited…and waited. The hands of the clock moved as slow as the beats of her hearts. Jiten came home, passed a frail smile at Sheetal and went to the bedroom to take the baby in his arms. Sheetal followed him. She watched keenly, how Jiten spent hours playing with their baby, then saw him sit in front of the TV (while she fed the baby), and then eat his dinner, and retire to bed and then soon fall asleep. 

Sheetal sat watching Jiten snoring to glory. She recalled those days when he rode his bike for about 20 kilometers, just to see her. She remembered those nights when he never slept without sending her love-soaked SMSs. Tears came rolling down her cheeks. She thought: Has Jiten changed or the time? Or are we growing old enough to love each other with that intensity and vigour? That night she could not sleep. The baby woke up many times during the night and she kept feeding him. 

Next morning, when she woke up, Jiten had left for office. It was 9:30 am. She felt guilty – for the first time in her marriage Jiten went to office without his lunch box – Because she could not prepare it. She quickly took the cell phone in her hand and started typing him a message:

Sorry, Jeet. I could not wake up in the morning and you missed the lunch box today. Couldn’t sleep whole night because of babu (their son). He kept me awake whole night. 😦

She waited for a quick reply. Before marriage, Jiten was very particular about replying back to Sheetal’s SMSs, however busy he was. That day, no reply came back. Sheetal tried calling his cell phone twice. Every time Jiten disconnected it. Sheetal thought he was busy and kept the phone. She thought: Jiten will call back when he is free. I am sure he is busy.

She started her usual daily chores. A one-time college teacher, Sheetal was now a full time home maker.

Three hours later a message came:


You are a mother. You will have to stay awake for many nights. All mothers do this! This is no excuse for not waking up. I did not force the child on you. You wanted to become a mother. So you are! Why are you neglecting me??

As Sheetal read this message she could not control her tears. She thought: Was being a mother my decision? Didn’t “we” want to become parents? Moreover, since the time I was pregnant, till yesterday, I have been playing a good wife, taking care of him and myself, and now, taking care of this little baby of ours. Where am I neglecting my duties, or where am I neglecting Jiten?

That night when Jiten came back home, he found a note that Sheetal had left for him, where she said: I have left a great career just because of you, Jiten! To take care of you, to give you the pleasure of being called a father! Where am I neglecting my duties, or you? I have just gone through a pregnancy and I am just out of it. I never tell you what mood swings I go through, just believing that my better-half, that is YOU will understand. Understanding is the least you do to me.

When you had those sores in your feet soon after our marriage, I went to several doctors with you, researched on the web, and made sure that you were comfortable and fine.

Have you ever tried to do that for me? You tell me that I have grown fat, post pregnancy. Have you thought what I must be going through mentally and physically whole day and night? Have you ever visited a gynecologist or a psychologist to find out a “way out” for me to feel better? No you haven’t! Why? Because you feel that since I am a woman, I am destined to go through this mess. And all that I say is just my mental make-up! 

You have forgotten to love me, to care for me, to understand my body and mind. You, think that being a mother and bearing the pain and hardships of being a mother is my sole responsibility and that I am now a mother, I can’t be a girlfriend to you. If you really cared for me – your one-time girlfriend and now the mother of your child, you would have understood why I didn’t wake up this morning. I just expected a warm hug from you in the morning, Jiten. I would surely wake up refreshed and recharged. 

Well, this is what I felt.

I am leaving this house, certainly not forever. But I will not return, untill you write me back stating what YOU feel about it.

In your message to me this morning, you said, “Why are you neglecting me??”  This made me realize that there is some latent expectation in your heart that you are not sharing with me. May be I am going wrong somewhere, from your perspective. Please let me know that. It has been more than a year that we spoke heart to heart. I think it’s high time. 

I am living at a friend’s place. Take your time, to reflect, and write back. 

Let me know if we can become friends and lovers again.

{Note for readers: I want to know from you. What do you think Jiten must have done after reading this letter? What would be his thought? I will tell you what actually happened after this, in the story that will soon follow}



10 thoughts on “The Broken Sync – Love & Marriage

  1. Jiten by accident went to another friend’s house in search of her and that friend who just broke up with her boyfriend, consoled him as he consoled her and one thing led to the other and they lived happily ever after… Nice.

  2. The male lead in the story, to my mind, is an insensitive prick. That SMS he sent reveals a lot about his personality. His male ego leads him to believe that women are destined to go through what his wife was going through, and in spite of all that “be the good wife”. That was no way to reply to the apology msg that his wife had sent. It was archaic. Thats why I say, that no matter how educated Indian men are , “the great Indian male ego” never goes away. Ma’am, I hope you’ll see that blog i wrote some time back with a different perspective now. No matter how suave, gentlemanly a man is, its just a matter of time. And in your story its just a year after marriage that his tone has changed.

    As for his response, I expect him to stay angry. Definitely the alpha male’s ego is bruised here.

    The writing is superb. I especially like the pace of the story, and how, it carefully avoids turning melodramatic. You are a great story teller. Waiting for part 2.

  3. Whatever ego one calls it, Jiten is also a husband and a father. There can be a sensitive side of jiten and an in-sensitive side. Whichever side is more stronger will turn this story in that way.

    Sensitive Jiten:
    Jiten reads the letter and rushes to Sheetal. They both just talk for at length heart-to-heart and resolves the break in the sync. Jiten also apologizes to Sheetal. The story ends with a happy ending where Jiten learns to share Sheetals work and also tries to understand her needs and both recipocrates.

    In-Sensitive Jiten :
    Reading the letter, Jiten gets too angry and thinks Sheetal can go to hell. He although for a moment thought about his son, but that thought was overpowered by his anger. He simple does not write back to Sheetal. After sometime Sheetal & Jiten started drifting apart and leads to a seperation. Sheetal joins back to a college as a lecturer and has the custody of their son. Once a month Jiten comes to meet their son.

    Monika : I am not a good story teller but just thought of writing my thoughts…

    1. Abhijit,

      I am so glad you shared your thoughts. Really! And that too so beautifully. Who says you are not a good story teller? What you wrote was just so perfect!:)

  4. Jiten ( being a man ) would never understand the note she left for him, the emotions involved , the meaning/importance it had in her life but continue to nurture his ego and wait for her to get back to him . He would miss her around , however ,he would live a life of silent desperation to hide his “male ego” (watever that means ).

  5. Jiten shud go bk 2 hs wife n hv a heart to heart talk.. I thnk he isnt dat insensitive types. He has hs own way of hs perspective n Sheetal has hr own. And whn thrs no sufficient communication differences r inevitable. They shud relive thr relation once again n get bk 2gethr.. Dnt break marriages 4 jst minor misundrstndings, it does ache a lot.. Patch up patch up Jiten n Sheetal.

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