Love Chemistry: Wrong Person:Wrong Time

Have you ever felt that you fell in love with a wrong person at the wrong time? To be precise, have you ever fallen in love with someone, you know, you can never share your life with, or grow old with? I am sure at some point in time; some of you must have gone through a similar situation.

What did you do then? Crib…cry…sulk? And if you did, don’t feel bad about it. That happens, usually, to everyone who undergoes this kind of a painful situation. Yes, it is painful. Think of a moment when you realized that the person who makes your heart skip a beat would not be there in your life. He/she would be married off to someone unknown to you. Wasn’t it a cruel moment of realization? This realization has struck many people I know and once, I was also struck with this. I know a few people who have gone through this traumatic realization.

Faagun is a 22 year old office going girl. She is in love with her Manager, Kripa, who is married and has two lovely kids. She fell in love with him, without letting him know, or letting herself know even.

Kripa supported her immensely to understand work and perform better, by providing his expert suggestions and advice.

Once when Faagun under-performed in a project and everybody lost trust on her ability, Kripa played an instrumental role in boosting her morale and restoring her tarnished image as  a professional before everyone in the team. He did that because he was mentoring her and felt it was his duty. But Faagun lost her heart to him, knowing very well that she could never have him in her life. She adored him like God.

Rajeev was in class 9 when he fell in love with a teacher. Yes, he was in love – romantic love. He loved her because she was kind and caring towards him; understood his perspective when other teachers didn’t; spent time talking with him, listening to his kiddish stories and dreams, during lunch breaks, when his own female classmates avoided him, considering him a jerk.

What could Rajeev do? Like a feeble climber, he ended up finding himself entwined to his support, his teacher. He believes that he will never love any woman in his life, more than her.

Maria and Parth are best friends in college since three years. They have been meeting everyday in college. They eat together, attend classes together, talk for hours in canteen and play badminton together. Gradually, Parth realized that Maria has become more than a friend to him. He feels sad when she leaves for home after a day together in college; he waits desperately for her text messages after dinner; has sleepless nights with the hope and eagerness to see her in college the next day. The day he was sure that he was in love, he proposed Maria. But to his surprise, Maria turned down his proposal citing religion as a barrier between them, which she couldn’t overcome. Soon they realized that they can’t remain friends anymore. The more they met, the more they were reminded of the barrier of religion between them posing like a huge ocean of fire that they couldn’t or could never swim through. Hence, they parted. But Parth  has enshrined those lovely moments of friendship in his heart, from which, he knows, he will never part.

Love is the strangest feeling on earth. It gives you an out-of-this-world kind of a feeling, makes you smile profusely and at the same time, makes you shed countless tears. And when you are in love with a wrong person and at the wrong time, it breaks you from within.

But what can you do? How much can you cry or sulk? If crying and sulking could get him/her back to you, I believe, none would have ever lost his/her beloved. Why don’t you do one thing? Make yourself believe that you can’t get him/her. I know it is tough, but certainly not impossible. Try to accept it as the best judgment of destiny.

Loving someone doesn’t always mean that you need to get that “special someone”. Love is about giving away all your love to someone and feeling the joy of loving someone sincerely.

If thinking about that person gives you solace, think a million times. If talking to that person once a while can make you feel better, just do it. But allow the destiny to take its own U-turns or curves, if any. Do not try to punish yourself or your beloved by traumatizing your heart mind with the thought of loss.

In loving someone sincerely, you never lose anything. You just learn to be selfless and righteous in love. This lesson prepares you to open your heart completely for someone who might fall for you someday, as sincerely as you fell for “your” special someone.



4 thoughts on “Love Chemistry: Wrong Person:Wrong Time

  1. Very beautiful treatment. Useful tips. But try telling it to the class 9 kid. No explanation is going to make him understand. Thats the beauty of it. He loves. Only loves. He knows no reason:-)
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. thank you…glad that you liked my blog. Honestly, after publishing the blog, I was unsure about the treatment. I felt I wrote this in haste. But your compliment means a lot. I will never tell this to him…never.:)

  2. This may sound cliched and filmy but in a movie ‘Mohabbatein’, SRK says that once you love, you just love, you don’t love with a condition that she would love you back.
    Nice article.
    I once wrote a post named’ That One person’, try reading it.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Kapil. I agree it is cliched, but it happens ever time! I shall surely read the blog post you suggested,

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