…and Indu meets Sameer

College corridors, canteen romance, Valentine’s Day roses, handsome and smart boys, nothing seemed to make her restless to find love in life. But she was always in romance with rainy afternoons; with that tree laden with golden yellow flowers peeping through her small window, covered with snow-white curtains; with the voice of Jagjit Singh filling the evenings of those lonely summers; with her books that wove a thousand garlands of thoughts and opinions. She lived in her small world of care, love, and affection with her father, in that second-storied tinned roofed home. She is my best friend.

While we were in college, in the initial days of our friendship, I often asked her: What kind of a man you want in your life as your life-partner? She smiled shyly and let the question pass by saying: I don’t know! I never think about ! If life introduces me to him one day, I will think.

I often got irritated at this answer. I said: This can’t be true! No! You are lying! How is it possible that a girl never thinks about a boy??!! Please tell me what you like. She smiled and said: My dear, why should I lie to you? I really don’t think of anything like that. Is it necessary that if all girls think that way, I should also do the same?

I gave in, totally in despair. As years passed, we became very good friends. Despite many differences in our nature, we became great friends! We talked about everything on earth – love, life, politics, books, music, and what not!

One special discussion that we often had was that of a TV drama – Patang – that was aired on MetroGold; This was in the year 2000. The television drama was based on the life of Indu and her journey in search of her final destination – after her husband walks out on her. The story revolves around Indu and her re-union with her childhood friends – Badal and Sameer. We discussed about the characters and our favorites among them. My best friend had this very special liking for Sameer, who secretly loved Indu. He was quiet, intelligent, and mature. I liked Badal because of his eloquent nature. Even he loved Indu and dared to express it boldly. Our discussions about this TV drama soon ended because it finally came to a logical end. Like a fairy tale, Sameer and Indu fell in love with each other and gave a new beginning to their relationship. I saw my best friend in the calm and serene character of Indu. I never told this to her – don’t know why! Secretly in my heart, I longed to see someone like Sameer walk into her life.

Years passed by, and no Sameer walked into ‘my’ Indu’s life. She remained confined to her books, career, music, and her thoughts. This was her world – her real world. I often thought and always prayed to see love touching her life.

One day my cellphone rang; it was she. Her voice echoed in joy. She spoke about a boy for the first time in her life, with me. He was her new friend, she told me. She spoke at length about him every time we chatted. There was a strange admiration and respect for him that oozed out of her voice. I knew deep down in my heart that my Indu has found Sameer – her soul mate.

Today is her wedding – a fairy tale wedding, so to say. Call it destiny or whatever, that I couldn’t attend her wedding due to my ill-health. My friends, who are there, are sending me text messages saying that she is looking extremely beautiful as a bride. I am missing her a lot but feeling extremely happy for her. Prayed to Lord Buddha to give her a blissful journey of love and togetherness.

After being a witness to her love story, I can say one thing for sure: You never find love; Love finds you wherever you may be!


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