Injured by Cupid at First Sight?

Ten years back, sitting at the corridors of my college, I was arguing with a classmate that “love at first sight” is a cinematic theme – can’t be a reality. He argued: Doesn’t this happen to many! I retorted: Oh come on! That is physical attraction and nothing else! The argument didn’t reach any conclusion. He stood up and walked away in anger.

I had this strong belief at heart that to fall in love with someone, you need to know the person well. You should know his nature, tastes, choices and beliefs. And obviously, they should match with yours! I was firm in my belief.

Years later, in 2006, my cousin was looking for a suitable girl for marriage. I played the match-maker and arranged my colleague (a nice homely girl) for this cousin of mine. I fixed a meeting for both of them at a CCD, in my presence. I was of the notion that they would meet, and if they liked each other, they would court for a couple of months and then decide to marry.

To my surprise, we met, and over a cup of steaming Cappuccino, they even decided how they would decorate the sitting area of their “would-be” home after marriage! OMG!! I sat with my jaws almost touching the ground. I asked myself: What on earth is going on? Are they crazy? How can they decide that they are a perfect match for themselves?

In two months time, they were engaged and were coochie-cooing together. πŸ™‚ I kept asking myself: Ye kya tha? What was it? Love at first sight? I smirked! Never did I know that cupid had all plans to injure me…very soon.;)

In their wedding, I met this guy – my cousin’s best friend. I was a school teacher then – shy, introvert, serious-looking, small-town girl. And he was tall and handsome, extrovert, metro-guy. My cousin introduced me with him. He smiled at me and greeted, just like a gentleman greets a lady. I liked his polite gestures. I liked men who displayed respect and care for women.

It was a social gathering, so there was a huge crowd always around.

We always interacted in a group discussion, with all elders of our family being a part of it. It was great fun. We sang, danced and joked together.

It was my cousin’s wedding day. I was dressed in a rose pink silk sari, waiting for the rest of the baraatis (groom’s folks) to get ready!. I saw him walking towards me, my heart skipped beats, didn’t know by then, what was going wrong within me. He came and stood beside me. He looked at me, smiled and said: You look pretty, lady! And, he smiled. My heart almost stopped! Then we chatted for about an hour and exchanged our phone numbers.

Later in the evening, he disclosed: Tomorrow I shall be off to Kolkata for an urgent work. He smiled. I don’t know what exactly happened to me, but I felt extremely sad. It was, I guess, evident from the frail smile I returned.

Next day, he left for Kolkata. Whole day I sensed a vacuum within my heart. I kept asking myself: What is wrong with you? He was just another guy you met last evening! What is bothering you? I couldn’t answer my “self”. I knew very well by the sunset that I was in love – love at first sight. I had fallen in love with this guy whom I met only for a day, chatted for a few hours. It didn’t take me much time to realize that “love at first sight” does happen. It is not physical attraction, necessarily.

I felt sad at the thought that something that I always despised, has finally happened to me and I stood helpless. It pained to even think that I had almost lost the love that I found in a few hours of togetherness.

That evening was a reception party at my cousin’s place. All were getting ready for the “much-awaited” ballistic party. But I felt lost. Why on earth the realization hit me so late? I asked myself? Have I lost him?

Then, all of a sudden, I heard my cousin talking over his cell phone. He said: Yes, tell the cab driver to take a left turn, and then straight and then right again. Yes, we are waiting, come along!” As some far off relatives were still pouring in for the party, I knew there was another gang of cousins on their way to the venue. I felt irritated. I didn’t want to smile.

Another cousin of mine was decorating the main gate with flowers. He asked for my help. I couldn’t say “no”. I pulled a chair, stood on it and started decorating the entrance with flowers. While, I was decorating the entrance with flower garlands, I sensed someone stood close to me from behind. I turned back and almost fell off the chair. It was the same guy – My cousin’s friend. He smiled and said: I have come just for you! πŸ™‚

I stood motionless, unable to believe my eyes and ears. He said: Hello! Won’t you say a hello? My heart jumped in joy. I was shy. I stepped down and the chair and said: Hello! I thought you wouldn’t come. He said: Lady, I think you do not check you SMS-es. Please check your inbox. He smiled profusely.

I checked my cellphone. There was an SMS from him that said: Monika… I had my tickets to Udaipur from Kolkata. But while I flew from Guwahati to Kolkata, I realized that I couldn’t leave a priced belonging back. So, I came back. I left my heart over here, with you. Just came to exchange it with yours. Will you give me?

We both smiled at each other. We knew, cupid had injured us at the first sight – we were in love.

Years rolled by. We became great friends, lovers and today, we are married for three years. Yes, today I believe in “love at first sight”. I now believe that the meeting point, place and time are all pre-decided. Two people are just brought face-to-face. Same happened with us also.

Hence, I learnt: Love just strikes! It never knocks at your door. That is why you may find strangest love stories on earth. That is why you don’t fall in love with every person you meet in your daily life. You fall in love with that “one special” person, for whom your heart skips beats. Do you have a love story to share? πŸ˜‰


61 thoughts on “Injured by Cupid at First Sight?

  1. This is sooo superbly cute Monika Di.. Just want to hug you both.. Such a beautiful love story n thanks for sharing it with all of us and making us go ‘awwwwwww….’


  2. Thnkzzz a lot 4 sharing dis sweet hidden true luv story………really romantic nd goes like a filmy short episode …!!! god bless u both……!! now i am waiting 4 my turn……hope such magic happens in my life also very soon…….!! lolzzzzzzzz

  3. Monika, I never knew Rahul had such romance hidden in him. Its a beautiful story. It touches your heart. I could feel your disappointment and anguish when you were away from him and it brought tears to my eyes when I read the sms content. Such a sucker for romance πŸ˜‰ You have expressed it so well that one can visualize the whole meeting. Loved loved loved it! Must share my so-called 21st century romance too….you will love it! Soon… keep peering in here!

  4. jo tere dil me tha tune itni acchi tarah se bayan ki hein……bahut accha lag apad ke……………its been written so beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome!

  5. jo tere dil mein tha tune itni acchi tarah se use bayan ki hein………bahut accha laga pad ke…….its been written beautifully…………………awesome!!!!!!!! carry on!!!!!!!

  6. Monika, this is very sweet. I knew you met Rahul at a wedding but didn’t know these details. I could visualize the scene. When you were on the chair, I thought the next few lines would say: “I fell off the chair ……and landed in his arms.” πŸ™‚ Bless you both!!!

  7. Great post Monika.. although I gotta disagree on some level with this. I’m happy for you guys but let me ask you this.. You say he was a hunk.. right?? Say he was an average looking guy but still the same sequence of events unfolded. Im sure you would not have been attracted to him if he din’t have good looks right?? Lol.. just a thought. Its first physical attraction that blinds us. Once we get to know the person its only then we try to find compatibility. Afterr that only I feel the emotional connectivity and bonding begins. but the first 2 bridges are the hardest to cross. its only if by some co-incidence that love strikes at first sight!… Jut a thought.


    1. Thanks so much for your perspective. That was really interesting. I really don’t know what would I do if he was “not good looking”. But yes, I still believe that looks don’t really matter. What matters is that “click” or “spark”, so to say, for a relationship to build up. Same happened with us. His good looks was a mere co-incidence. what say? πŸ™‚

  8. yur expression is almost as beutiful as yur story… wen i read such stories of true love… i am reminded.. how teenage love is so childinsh n means so less most of the tyms….and how love knows no reasons… wow … magical story, magically written.. love πŸ™‚

  9. Wow! Awwww! What a great thing to learn by experience πŸ˜‰

    Wish you a very happy married life ahead! And I’m at a loss of words for this anecdote!!

      1. luv at 1st sight can b nly bcoz of ‘gud luks’ bt no1 wl mis a flight and cum al d way back jus coz f gud luks,(gud lukin gals r ‘manywhere’) sir did cum nly coz he luvd d conversatn, thru wch he cud knw u nd dcide dat he cn b wd u freva. Any1 wud fal 4u, in a rosy pink silk sare, me 2want 2 c ur pic in dat. πŸ™‚ So i wud say it ws luv at first (sight+chat), lol! And alwaz i hav seen atendin sum1s mariage fixes one’s mariage 2! Haha…cute story!

      2. thanks, AAnchal. So glad that you read, understood and commented my blog post!

    1. thank you…thank you! πŸ™‚ glad you liked…love stories are meant to be shared..not hidden.

  10. I Always believed ” Don’t search for love, let love search for u. that is why it is called falling in love.because u don’t actually force yourself to love…u just fall..”
    Lovely Filmy Story ! πŸ™‚

    Regards : one of your student ! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh wow, now this is a good love story. Love knows no bounds, when it happens– it just does and you can’t explain in words, but in your heart– you know you’ve been stricken with the love bolt.So glad that you found your other half.

  12. Err…. hmmmmm…. uhhh…..

    Maybe, maybe not.
    Not, because some of the love-at-first-sight stories don’t last. So, how are we sure it was really predestined. Some meet another that makes them feel as strong as their current loves made them feel. So, are they predestined to give their one heart to two people?

    1. just visit the link and search for rains. I am sure you can find it. πŸ˜€ I will send you the xyz code if you can’t. Let me know.

      Rains act as a mood changer for me. πŸ˜€ I like drizzles and thundershowers. they are awesome.

      1. Rains are amazing….
        Right from the pre-rain weather and winds and peoples’ reactions….
        To the actual fall -whether light showers to heavy downpours (which I may avoid standing under)….
        To the post-rain lightning, thunder, a sudden descent of fair lazy weather (if during daytime), or a calm-gloomy one forcing people to stay physically close as if deriving some comfort; not forgetting the promise of a cooler night and sounder sleep after a hot day….

        Ethereal… ecstatic…

        Okay, will check out the link. Thanks.

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