For the Love of my Life – Rahul

The November chill is here…
Everyday I feel the Foggy breeze,
I touch the dew drops clinging to the blades of green grass.
And smell the tube roses in the backyard..
The winking stars and the climber that adores the window sill..
Are all talking of you, I know.
I am here, listening to them and feeling your caresses in the touch of the breeze.
Smelling you in the midst of the chill of this darkness.
In the hint of the moonlit night, I see you walk beside me…
I feel your touch on my forehead, when I lay fatigued after a hard day at work.
You are far from me..but at the same time so near..
That none can be… you are here in my heart..
Laughing at me, when I am angry
Pulling my nose from “nowhere”, when I am naughty.
Kissing my lips, when I am shy.
You are my love…my best friend..
You are the conqueror of all my miseries – your are the conqueror of my heart.
…. the solace of my soul.


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