26/11 – Tears Forgotten…09/11 – Revenge Taken

Last night, I watched a well-made documentary – Targetting Osama – on History TV 18. If Osama Bin Laden is really killed, which is true in most probability, then I salute President Obama and his team for realizing the promise they made to the Americans when he came into power.

The documentary spoke at length about the strategic planning that President Obama and his team made in order to execute the plan. I was surprised and at the same time impressed by the grit that the American leadership displayed in the hour of crisis.

While I was admiring President Obama, his team and the American military special forces – Seal Team 6, who executed the killing of Osama, the man behind the massacre of thousands of innocent Americans, one thought that was killing me within was that the person responsible for the killing of innocent Indians in 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Ajmal Kasab is alive and healthy, enjoying hospitality in Indian prison and apparently learning Marathi!

Afzal Guru, the mastermind behind the Parliament attack is also having merry time, living his lease of life, granted by the Government!

I was taken by absolute surprise as to how the US military sneaked into the Pakistani soil, killed their enemy (Osama), lifted his body and all the secret data that he had! It needs absolute determination and patriotism to carry out this daunting task. They have proved to the world that anyone who tries to mess with the Americans, will see a similar end. And see, interestingly, there has been no such terror activity in the USA after 09/11! This means the message has gone strongly to the terrorists that the USA will not tolerate any terror activity, anyway.

On the other hand, I am also surprised by the silence the Indian government has been maintaining about the execution of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru. Almost all the Indians today wish to see these two beasts hanging to death. But the government is reluctant. Does the government realize what message this silence is sending across to the terrorists? The message is clear – Government is weak and incapable of fighting terrorism. Look back for a minute and see, time has already testified this. The recent Mumbai blasts in Javeri Market is an example.

Tukaram Ombale laid his life to capture Kasab, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan died at the age of 31, while fighting the terrorists inside Hotel Taj, ATS chief Hemanat Karkare and many “unnamed” and “unsung” heroes fought till their last blood oozed out of their bodies. But, the Government simply doesn’t care!!

Is a gallantry award enough to pay homage to the departed brave-hearts? Was this all that they wished for while they breathed their last? Absolutely NO! They only wished to nail the bloody terrorists.

Never could they have imagined that the Governance would be so unfair to keep Kasab alive and feed him and make him healthier.

The strangest fact is that the families of 26/11 martyrs, including former ATS chief Hemant Karkare and braveheart cop Tukaram Ombale, are yet to receive compensation under the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, reported Times of India.

This only proves that India has forgotten the sacrifices of our martyrs. What to say about our politicians! I refuse to call them “leaders”. They are not! If they were, they would choose to act responsibly and bring these terrorists to book.

I am ashamed that I could not do anything for the departed brave souls – our commandos, policemen and the other innocent civilians.


3 thoughts on “26/11 – Tears Forgotten…09/11 – Revenge Taken

  1. Well the americans believe in executing their plans whereas our politicians are busy making promises , discussions are made but their work ends at discussions, if they are in the mood they might fulfil their promises otherwise we can only wait for them to do sumthing. Its very rightly said by you our ministers are not leaders.

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