Do You Value Love in Your Life?

Once a man and a woman were at a District Court, fighting for divorce, alimony and custody of the two year old baby. They abused each other, blamed each other, called each other irresponsible and loosely charactered also. The baby, who hadn’t even learnt to talk, was watching them helplessly.

The lawyers argued, abused and accused each other’s clients. The judge watched them calmly. On some ocassions, the questions of the lawyers were so personal that the woman broke down often. The baby started to cry seeing the mother cry.

The man sat stiff, frowning at his wife. He rushed to take the baby in his lap; Grabbed the baby and sat watching the woman cry at the allegations imposed on her.

Now, it was the man’s turn. The woman’s lawayer termed him “irreponsible” and a “womaniser” in front of the crowd, who gathered at the courtroom to watch the fighting couple.

The man denied all allegations, because he knew he wasn’t like that!

The judge made notes.

Both the lawyers finished their arguments and put the case before the court for judgement.

The judge looked the the couple and said: I heard you both very carefully and also heard your esteemed lawyers speak on your behalf. I clearly see that there is a strong disconnect between you both, despite the fact that you have given birth to a baby, who is all yours and just 2 year old!

I can see that you both had a love marraige, yet can’t stand each other anymore. You both believe that YOU (individually) can make good parents, but not together.

Well, I have already made the judgement. But, I would like to share something to you both.

I am married for 28 years now. Me and my wife could never become parents. We waited all our life to have a baby, but that hope is now gone after so many years. Just yesterday, I lost another hope that kept me and my wife happy, despite having the piercing pain of being childless.

Me and my wife have been living separately for the past 15 years, as we are posted in two separate towns, because of the governement jobs we hold. Recently, my wife got a transfer to our town, on the grounds of ill health and the need of staying with her spouse. Our happiness knew no bounds! Afterall, we would be able to live together after ages! We started planning all that we hadn’t done since ages. I had decided that I will take care of her and make her fit.

But, only yesterday she was diagnosed to be at the last stage of breast cancer, and that she would live for only another 2.5 months. One month short of our 29th aniversary.

We struggled all our lives to have a stable life – with babies, living together. But that struggle will soon die without results. I wish there was some postponement policy in God’s plan to give death to human beings – I’d surely pay triple the alimony amount you are fighting for, to buy that policy and get my wife some more years of togetherness with me.

Look at yourself now, what are you both doing? When you can tolerate the bad behavior and ill-temparament of your parents and siblings, even after fights and quarrels, why can’t you do that for your spouse?

Why can’t you accept him/her the way he/she is? Why can’t you count on the good things he/she has in him/her?

I approve your divorce, but the decision is on you both.

The couple broke down in tears. They took back their divorce petitions and are living happily today.