The Other Face of Relationships

There is something very strange about relationships. They expect care in return.

You give all the care they deserve. A wife cares for her husband, children and in-laws (including her parents and siblings); a husband cares about his wife, children, his siblings and parents; a friend cares about his friends (to the best of his abilities); a boyfriend cares for her girlfriend untill she is proven unfaithful and untrue; a girlfriend cares for her boyfriend untill they don’t break up.

Human parents have the tendency of parent birds (somewhat!) They care about their kids and when the kids grow up and have a life of their own, the parents let them be what they are and how they are. But, they stand soemwhere in hiding, waiting to leap to help if the children fall into some problem.

Siblings get married, have their own families and still remain their somewhere to hold your hand when you are in trouble. But that too never happens always. There are times when you wait to have someone beside you to lean on, to confide in and take refuge in, but you find none.

If life is full of dear ones around, why do you have to feel this way? Why do you feel the stings of loneliness sometimes/always?

I think one who has learnt to live alone is the happiest. But how many of us can master this art to happy living?


Kal Phir…

Ek khwaab jo bunti rehti thi..

Kal usko udheda phir maine.

Socha tha hansungi uspey main..

Kal khud ko rulaya phir maine.

Kal phir seher ki roshni mey

Sondhi si chamak dekhi maine..

Tu phir chup reh k so gaya.

Raat kaati sannate mey maine.