From Mira’s Diary

I feel that I am in haste to do everything that my heart longs to do – to get promotions in job; to love my people; to laugh with them; to travel to the mystic lands where happiness resides; to have babies; to play with them; to see them grow up; to grow old seeing my accomplishments.

There is a hurry to do them all, as if time is fleeting and I just have a handful of it.
I wonder why is there a strange restlessness and fear in my heart?? I am striving to achieve these in life, then why is the hurry?

During days, I remain absorbed in work, running a race of time, against my will. I need to win, come what may.

At nights, when the moon stares at me from the sky, with the stars teasing me with their mocking winks, the fear dawns on me again. My soul gets soaked in the thoughts of the unseen future and the fears galore.