My Heart Cries for Mumbai

A CNN report says:

Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram called the explosions a “coordinated attack by terrorists” and appealed for calm as Mumbai residents voiced anger at the government because their city has been a repeated target for terror.

“The entire city of Mumbai has been placed on high alert,” said Chidambaram, who inspected the sites late Wednesday and early Thursday and saw the injured at a hospital. “I would appeal to the people of Mumbai to remain calm and maintain the peace.”
How ridiculous! Can someone maintain calm when he/she has lost a dear one forever for no fault at all?

High alert in Mumbai and the metros again – Hillarious! What will be a common sight in the metro streets now? Answer – The Para-military forces and the police carrying out random frisking. And after a few weeks or a month, everything gets back to normal. No tight security, crowded public places and the daily hustle-bustle.

After the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, life definitely got back to normal, with the government and the security agencies having a nice nap again. Apparently, security again became a secondary issue for the government.

Ajmal Kasab, the only survivor among the terrorists who carried out the cruel act of killing innocent civilians, is enjoying India’s hospitality in jail, despite being sentenced to death. There, he is eating, sleeping and learning Marathi. What a mockery of justice! What an example of ‘justice denied’!

Yesterday was his birthday. The planners of yesterday’s Mumbai serial blasts, celebrated his existence by killing the innocent people of India.

Is it not an eye-opener for Mr. Chidambaram? Is it not his duty to step up action against Kasab and Afzal Guru, to prove that India doesn’t spare terrorists?

My heart weeps for Mumbai. It is beautiful, with lovely and lively people. Is this what they deserve?

This time it’s Mumbai. It could be my city next time, may be your’s too!

Such incidents only make me feel how weak is our intelligence!

I feel insecure in my own country.