And After Death…They Lived Happy Forever!

Each morning while travelling to my office in HiTec City from Kukatpally in Hyderabad, I pass by a very special plot of land. It not only attarcts my attention everyday, but also makes me think. I have a strange sense of sadness and also a very light tinge of happiness too!

I am sure, you must be wondering what’s so special about ‘this’ plot of land. Well, this is a graveyard (for Christians and Muslims) and a cremation ground for Hindus. Interestingly, within the same plot of land, divided by man-made short walls, broken at places to break the continuity)!

Due to a huge traffic jam everyday, my official cab, stops in front of the gate of this graveyard and cremation ground, for sometime. I try to read the names of the dead, engraved on the tombstone and the graves. It gives me a strange feeling: While we are alive, we bind ourselves within the confines of relgious boundaries, so tight that we forget that we are human beings first, and all human beings are bound to perish. The only difference is that, some of us get mixed with the soil, while others turn into smoke.

The final destination is the same. And that is, we get back to “nothingness”.

When the end is the same, why stretch ourselves to such religious realms that we can’t even live peacefully with each other?

This reminds me of what Bulle Shah has beautifully said:

|| Gal samajh laee te raolaa keeh
eyh Raam, Raheem te Maulaa keeh?

Meaning, “Why all this commotion if you claim understanding?
Why this fuss about calling Him Ram, Rahim or Moula?”


4 thoughts on “And After Death…They Lived Happy Forever!

  1. jabki sach toh yeh hain ki har jarre mein tu rehta hain
    phir zami par kahi mandir kahi maszid kyun hain
    apna anzam toh maloom hain sabko phir bhi
    apni nazron mein har insaan sikandar kyun hain…

  2. Religion was meant to guide man towards a “supposed” route to “god”. I think it guided man to a certain route to destruction. So it did more harm then good.

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