Real Beauty: As I See It!

You will never know the meaning of ‘beauty’, until you see and feel anything that is ‘ugly’.

A fisherman can see the beauty of a huge net filled with fish, after a hard day, toiling in the furious sea. But, a buyer in a smelly noisy fish market will only see the ugliness and filth!

A farmer can see the beauty of heavy rainfall, when he sees his fields green with crops, after a long spell of drought. But, another farmer who is ruined by floods caused by the torrential rains will see only the ugliness left behind by the receding flood water.

A poor daily wage earner can see the beauty of a plate full of rice, after a hard day at work. But, a wealthy man can’t see it.

Ask what real beauty is to the one who has just got his eyesight back after years of darkness. But we, with eyes and vision crib about over-growing population and pollution, doing nothing about it.

Lovers who meet after ages of separation, ask them what real beauty of togetherness is! While most of the urban couples waste precious moments of togetherness in quarreling over petty issues and satisfying their ugly egos.

We all can see and perceive beauty, but real beauty is anything – animate or inanimate, that touches our soul and gives us boundless joy.

In my words I conclude,

|| Kuch to hai jo khoobsurat hai..
Meri aankhon say zyada, meri rooh ki zaroorat hai


19 thoughts on “Real Beauty: As I See It!

    1. Your words of praise mean a lot to me Mr Karve! I am deeply thankful to you! I always hope to get your feedback. Thanks a bunch again!

    1. Arti,

      Thank you so much for your words of praise. I am deeply thankful to you too! 🙂
      Please keep giving me your feedback.

  1. Beautiful piece Monika…Its true that we cannot see the beauty of something until we have seen the ugly side of it..

  2. Beauty lies within…u need not have an eye to see. It comes abruptly when ur heart is beautiful… every bit of things, feelings, thoughts, emotion, action is beautiful when it brings a smile on your face…
    ….even the beauty of the ugly is so beautiful that u start praising the beauty…..

    Real beauty beautifully bestowed………..

    1. Thanks for yout valuable comment Babita. It was nice to read your perspective that is so beautiful!

  3. nice words and very well written and said… it felt nice to read it, also made me think, that I need to get over my petty quarrel as well..

  4. Beauty is a matter of perspective. Something that is beautiful for one is not for the other but in this process to see the beautiful, we must not forget that everybody is beautiful

  5. one of ur best pieces so far by my judgement…why? bcoz it has an absolutely perfect balance of thought and feeling and that is something very difficult for a writer to achieve.u r on a right track as a writer i m convinced…go on jotting dear:)

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