One Strange Relationship: Your Thoughts?

Relationships are strange.

They are the most difficult to nurture. Two human beings cannot agree on everything. And when they don’t they fall apart… I know not in all cases. But again, all are not mature enough to understand that a disagreement should not be a reason for discord.

The toughest relationship that exists in this world is that of a daughter- in-law with her parent-in-laws. By saying that I am not hinting that all parent in laws are equivallent to small screen soap villains and vamps.

Of course they too are human beings. They too have the right to disagree. But some parents-in-law welcome their daughters-in-law with a mound of expectations.

Expectations set on wings, they forget that they now have a family member who comes from a different family with differnet upbringing, lessons and values.

Matters get worse when they start comparing this newly inducted member of the family with the daughter of the family , who perhaps scores ten on ten in cooking, housekeeping skills etc but may score far less somewhere else.

Again, daughters-in-law are also no less. Why project them as saintly cows. I know of one daughter-in-law who boycotted her parents-in- law and along with them shunned all their relatives close and distant ones. How shameful !!

On one such creepy woman I could just laugh.

Well, you may ask, why am I writing this piece? No reason actually. Just a thought and so decided to jot down. It always is good to pen down thoughts.

What do you guys say about it? Will be interesting to know your perspectives on this delicate yet fiery relationship that inspires many TV soap script writers to write some sickening stories that can bore you out of your bones.

Note: This piece has been written by my twin, Sonika Bakshi, who has been a journalist for the last 8 years; has worked with news channels like NDTV and Times Now as Sr Correspondent. She now works with Microsoft’s Corp Com department.


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