Six Sure Signs of Love

Now you meet someone and you both like each other and each other’s company. Gradually, you fall in love with that “special someone”. How do you ascertain that “special someone” also loves you??? πŸ˜€

I bring before you 6 sure signs that will tell you that person loves you or not. Now this is based on my personal experience. I do not guaranty the intensity and truthfulness of that ‘love’, however!

Sign 1: He/she will do everything to see you or talk to you. You will sense that extra effort. πŸ™‚

Sign 2: He/she will try to dig deeper and deeper to know about your relationship status and your past and present life.

Sign 3: He/she will try to know your interests and hobbies and will also try to display how similar he/she is with you in those areas of interests.

Sign 4: He/she will praise you more than often, for reasons that even you never knew or discovered earlier! πŸ˜€

Sign 5: He/she will be on his/her toes to help you in all possible ways. He/she will never turn down any of your requests!

Sign 6: He/she will ask you what kind of a partner you are looking for in your life.

If you think there are other such signs that I may have missed, please share! Love is the most common feeling shared by all humans. I am sure, sharing your interesting opinion about it, will only make this post a fun-tastic read!


3 thoughts on “Six Sure Signs of Love

  1. Few more points:
    – If the 2 are in same group somehow (college, firm, etc.) they will be teasing each other hard for any damn reason.
    – He / She will for sure keep nagging you for all sort of un-important talks (this is mainly a ‘her’ thing)

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