Hope for a New Beginning

So the Central Government issued a notification constituting a joint committee of ministers and civil society activists to draft an effective Lokpal Bill.

I certainly believe that this should not be treated as the end. We have miles to go, till those corrupt entities in the government bodies are thrown out.

This should be treated as the beginning, not the end of a revolution. Media should play a responsible role in this. Unlike its usual moves, it should follow this up till the end.

Even we should keep following this till the end. Let’s not allow the government to snore.

Let’s not allow this revolution to fizz out.


Anna Hazare: The Fire Will Wake Us Till Eternity

Facebook walls are filled with status messages calling for unity at this moment, for this common cause called ‘corruption’.

Corruption does not just involve financial corruption, it involves emotional corruption as well. Corruption has eaten away the vitals of humanity, not just Indian politics.

What happened in the Ruchika Girhotra Case is not hidden from us. Justice was not only delayed, but also denied to Ruchika and her family. What was working behind this power play exhibited by I.G.P Shambhu Pratap Singh Rathore’s and his final bail? It was nothing but “corruption” at every level.

How could a person found guilty of such a heinous crime be sentenced to just 1.5 years of imprisonment and then given bail by the apex court? Did the nation (including you & me) wake up then?

Moninder Singh Pandher, a rich businessman, directly involved in the Nithari killings case, could get away by killing and sexually abusing so many poor children. Did the nation rise in support of the helpless poor parents of the deceased?

Former Commonwealth Games (CWG) Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi is still being questioned and cross-questioned by the C.B.I and there are no concrete results! No one raised voice against this, except a few and the media. But the fire of anguish soon got extinguished.

This time, Anna Hazare has caught the roots of the problem and is seemingly determined to uproot the weed of corruption from India. It’s a great step forward.

What Anna Hazare has done is very similar to what Gandhi ji had done to challenge the might of the ruling British decades ago. That is why he is being termed the “Second Gandhi” of India.

It was the combined effort of Gandhi ji and Neta ji and many other nationalist and extremist leaders that India could breathe free after 250 years of oppression. Had the Indians at that point in time just cribbed about regional issues, we wouldn’t have taken birth in a free nation.

A CHANGE COMES WITH A SINGLE POWERFUL WILL TO CHANGE. Anna is displaying just that. He is displaying “honesty with boldness”.

I am happy and proud that this time, we Indians are voicing our protests with solidarity. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are shaken by this. The message has gone loud and clear to them that there is always an end to the “nonsense” that they have been doing with our national resources and the emotions of the electorate.

Let the fire wake us till eternity. Do what you can to keep it burning. Don’t let Anna’s honest efforts go waste.

Mom I love you

Read a beautiful quote somewhere, which was – “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for a pie.”

I am sure all of you can relate to this when you think of your mothers. Mothers are such lovely gift of God, priceless and adorable.

I too have a mother who like all lovely mothers, sacrificed a lot to give the best to us.

But I am quite sure that I have one special reason for making us feel the luckiest of all children in the world. She taught us to be strong in the face of a worst situation.

We never felt any day that we needed a man in the house. She stood strong even during those times when the aluminum roof of our one room accommodation dripped with rain water, when we didn’t have the privilege of wearing fancy clothes, when arranging the school fees would mean selling off some small jewelery etc.

I still remember, how we sat through those evenings over a cup of tea and moodi maakha ( puffed rice smeared in mustard oil and salt ) and talked about our dreams. She always told us that God has been kind and that she was confident about our success in anything we would do.

We have travelled many miles ahead. We hold degrees, have secured careers and are independent, confident and motivated women. Thanks to you mumma.

The way she put together our youngest sister’s wedding is amazing. I could not believe myself when I saw her running around, managing every bit of the show all on her own.
Who says a woman cannot do all that men can do? Hatts off mumma !
Thanks aton for all that you have done for me. I don’t think I would have a career without you.
Love you Mom !

Note: This piece has been written by my twin, Sonika Bakshi, who has been a journalist for the last 8 years; has worked with news channels like NDTV and Times Now as Sr Correspondent. She now works with Microsoft’s Corp Com department.