Traumatic Will

A silent wish to be lulled,
A verbal desire to sleep.
Rock my cradle with every breath I take.

I wake up every day
With a piercing pain so sharp,
And a fatigue never dying in my heart.

Oh! I want to have that thing called ‘peace’,
And tap my feet with the flapping of my wings.

Alas! I do not get what I seek,
Summers of solitude and autumns of worries make me weak.

Still I rise, I fall and again I rise,
From the murky clouds of uncertainty and surprise.

He, who makes me fall and rise,
Knows not that I possess the will to follow him
In this world or otherwise.


2 thoughts on “Traumatic Will

  1. i loved the last lines best:)ur poetry is visibly growing n maturing…this i feel as a reader. there r two wrds that given a choice i wld like to change…the Oh! n Alas!.there is a tightness, a resistance in the overall expression of the poem that makes its feeling sharp n immediate but at the same time stops it from running mushy..the 2 wrds i mentioned almost break that effect. go on writing monu…and also go on reading poems u love:)

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