I Wish to Thank You

My 31 year old life has hurled countless challenges on my way. But, I have stood the test at every step. It wasn’t that easy, I must say. But, it could have been way tougher, had I not met a few special people at various junctions of this journey called ‘life’.

I am still in touch with a few of them, while others have gone – some are busy in their life in some corner of this world, while others have left this world forever.

I have thanked them many times for the good they did to me, and for the help they extended to make difficult times easy for me. Yet, I feel still indebted and wish to thank them again, for what I am and where I am today.

To start with, it’s my mother. She is a super mom for me and my sisters. After the tragic separation from dad, she brought us up with great care and love, singlehandedly. She managed to give us the best of everything that she could.

In times of financial crisis, when there was no food at home, she sold off her priced possessions to feed us. I saw her crying in isolation, but she always appeared before us with a dimpled smile on her face.

She gave us the freedom to think, to decide, to choose and to tread on the path that we thought was right. She taught us to become independent, in mind and heart.

Schooling and college education would have been impossible, if we didn’t have such marvelous mamas (maternal uncles). They earn an average monthly salary of Rs 5000 per month today, they earned lesser when we were in school. But, they did all they could to pay our school fees.

Thankfully, we studied in a government college – Cotton College in Guwahati. Here, there was no monthly fees required. It was just an annual fee that was to be paid. That too was a small sum of money.

When we fared well in exams, my mother’s uncle and aunt (my nana & nani) presented us with cheques as gifts. I still can’t forget the joy of receiving a cheque of Rs 3001 from them. It was not less than a Bharat Ratna for us.

Throughout the year, me and my sister competed to claim the coveted honour. Interestingly, this was not because we could buy dresses or other things with that money, but because we could pay our annual fees comfortably. Nana & nani made that part of our student life so much happy and stress-free.

We started giving tuitions to kids since we started college. My sister and me earned Rs 600 each. So, our family income was now of Rs 1200! I still remember, being a music lover, I bought an audio cassette of the film “Ijaazat”, with my first earning. It cost me Rs 28. 🙂

Our life in Cotton College was so much fun with a couple of wonderful buddies – Angana, Shekhar, Starson and Raktim. These friends made our life so beautiful. In every crisis – emotional & financial – they stood with us, helped us and pulled us out of it.

I still remember, my mother’s life saving medicine – the inhaler that she took for asthma – exhausted one fine day. We didn’t have money to buy it as it was the last few days of the month and the tuition fees were not in. It was then when Shekhar borrowed us Rs 200. What a happy moment it was! We could at least buy mumma’s medicine then!

There are countless such moments when these friends – our angels – helped us out in grim crisis. If I start listing them, I would have to spend all my life for that, I guess.

In the year 2007, when I came to Delhi and joined the English news channel NewsX’s online team, I felt like “no one” in the crowd of experienced journalists. Being from a completely different industry, journalism was not my cup of tea! But, the online team showed absolute trust in me.

My boss, Mr Ajatshatru Singh, rested all his confidence in me and taught me what web writing is. He taught me what blogging is! My colleagues and dear friends, Sitansu Mahapatra and Rohit Bhardwaj, taught me the technicalities involved in web writing.

They helped me grow professionally. I emerged as a good web writer, because of their trust in me.

A year later, when I interviewed actors Nandita Das and Sharmila Tagore for the website, I realised what I have achieved with the help of my lovely colleagues. They taught me to trust and be patient with those who need my help and guidance.

In my personal life, my twin sister has been a pillar of support to me. 🙂 🙂 She is there all the time to help me out, in times of emotional crisis. My friend Angana, despite being away from me, still understands from my voice if something disturbs me. Would I get a better friendship than this?

Today, I wish to thank you all, for being there with me, for showing confidence in me and giving me so much of your love.

My life would have moved on without you, but it certainly wouldn’t be complete.


20 thoughts on “I Wish to Thank You

  1. Hi Monika,
    I loved the way you wrote this thanksgiving. It evokes a happy nostalgia when you hark back on those who helped you and express your gratitude.
    You write very well. I like the authenticity in your writing and love to read your blog.
    Wishing you All the Best and Godspeed in your endeavours.

    1. Thanks a lot Vikram. Thanks a ton for this encouragement. I am glad you liked my writing. your feedback is very valuable to me.

  2. I agree with Vikram. Truth echoes through your words and indeed what a way to express gratitude. Lovely writing. For me it is special as I relived the past with a sweet nostalgia as I went through this bog.
    Keep writing 🙂 cheers to us !!!

  3. cheers to u both!!!!! honesty n hardwork have alwaz been ur traits…N God alwaz stands by ppl who r sincere in their endeavours, sometimes in form of friends n colleagues..may u get many such frnds in all steps of ur life…

  4. Hi Monika, its been a long time since we talked to each other. Is it possible that we connect again on Facebook or via Cellphone!

  5. Realy enjoyed your style of writing and happy to know that you are also a cottonian! Hope your writing will reach those great people you refered here.Best regards…….Satyajit

  6. When you pen your heart out here, your gratitude grows in ours and hats off to all those who helped you and your family. Keep striving to make the most out of all the challenges you face. You are the face of the nation.
    Subscribing to your blog. It’s at times like this I am glad to have joined Indiblogger.


    1. Thanks Dr Babu… ….
      I am touched by this comment of yours. It’s really encouraging. Please keep visiting my blog and giving me your valuable feedback. 🙂

  7. Beautiful moments for a recap! You’ve touched the core of living very simply.

    From many of popular writers, I have observed this one – Its ok to be a failure sometimes because the day when you become popular, your failures will be spoken out aloud making you more popular.

    The tough moments that have come your way have made you all the more a great writer.

    Good wishes for all your writings.


  8. Really touched by dis Di…….very emotionally scripted…..really i had tears in my eyes when i was reading dis….!!! God will giv u nd ur family strength n height of success in life…….so just focus on ur work…..!! u will get d fruit slowly….!! Be happy always keep smiling…!! 🙂

  9. It has touched 2 the core o f my heart………..nd maam alwaz keep smiling as it is the best medicine in each nd every circumstances………as we have learned 4rm our HCHS ‘SMILING IS HAPPINESS’….
    DIN HAMESHA BURE NAI HOTE ACHE DIN BHI AATE HAI BAS khudpar vishwas hona chahie………….

  10. Reading this beautiful piece for the second time. I just need to know that at the end “everything will be alright”. I just need to reassure myself that the minor hiccups won’t arrest my ascent perennialy. Thanks a million!
    Glad to have known you..

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