Sad Musings of a Woman

My friend once asked me: What do you feel is the best way to vent out your sad emotions? Is it writing or talking?

I thought for some time and then answered: It’s writing.

After this I thought, why didn’t I feel that talking was the best way? I have a bunch of great people around to share my feelings with. I have my mother, my siblings, my husband and my best friends too! Then why is it that I choose writing to talking?

It was then when I realized how lonely I am, in this crowd of known faces.

When does a human being stop sharing his/her pent up feelings?

It’s when he thinks that either he is disturbing the peace of his/her loved ones by doing that, or they will not understand his/her emotions. Or may be he/she is not capable of putting it across to them articulately.

In my case, I feel that the emotions I am going through are now so chronic or moronic that they interest none.

In addition, the feeling of loneliness is at its peak when I realise that I am bound to adopt writing to talking. This also implies that there is none whom I can speak with to lighten my heart.

There is none, who can help me out, who can hear me out without misunderstanding me or justifying me.

At that very moment, the realisation of being lonely appears killer.

All of us I think, at some point in time or the other, must have felt lonely, as much as I am feeling today.

The only difference is that, I have none to share it with, but my blog.


5 thoughts on “Sad Musings of a Woman

  1. everybody has a different way to cope with loneliness be it writing or talking. mode hardly matters. what is important is the coping. and moving on.

  2. It is very difficult to fight loneliness irrespective of gender.But now-a-days,thanks to IT and improved communication,there are so many options which may help a person in forgetting his loneliness……..

  3. I understand what you are saying, for maybe I’m a lot like you – sensitive, maybe a little anxious about appearences, generally restrained. I think loneliness has a lot to do with our psyches, there are people who will dump their feelings on you whether you like it or not, and you will feel obliged to comment favourably on whatever’s eating them, i suppose they never feel lonely

  4. in sadness u r not alone…i know the feeling…i am a melancholic myself…but in sadness we find ourselves—go and write—i did the same–there is a sight of light at the end of the tunnel…somehow…

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