Ae Khuda mujhe bachha kar dey…

I wrote this piece, one fine Sunday afternoon, when I was tired of my daily chores. I missed my childhood peace so much.

Ae- khuda..muje phir bachha kar dey.
Amma k god mey leta rahun, aesa lachaar kar dey.
Roney ki koi vajah na ho, na hanse pey koi rok.
Har shaqs achaa sa lagey.
Apne lagey paraye log.

Kya sahi hai kya galat..
Is baat ka koi andaza na ho
Raat ko subah ki fiqr,
Aur subha ko raat ka darr na ho.

Gir jaun toh amma tham ley mujhe
ro padun to aanso ponch dey mere
Bukhar mey amma ka mere sir pey hath rahe.
Jalti tapish mey sukun sa mil jaye mujhe.

Na koi daud ho, na koi haarne ka darr
Khud mey khoya rahun..
har baat say beykhabar.

Mere bachpan ki khushiyan mujhe dey dey ae khuda.
Badle mey chahe ley-ley
Ye daulat ye shohrat….
Or kambakht zinda rehne ki saza


5 thoughts on “Ae Khuda mujhe bachha kar dey…

  1. A very beautiful peice..something i guess everyone in this materialistic and competative world will want for a day..childhood are the best phase of life…

  2. When i was in school,i used to think when i will be a man because they are so happy and independent and i have to be busy with study etc.Now, i am realising that i have already left my best time behind………you are very good in both the languages.Enjoyed!

  3. Very well thought of and from bottom of the heart. Felt that inner peace reading your thoughts. Reading your penned thoughts I was able to connect and feel what my childhood was and how different and enjoyable it was, my childhood memories rushed back to me. Felt good.

    1. Thanks Anand. I am so glad that you liked it. Pls keep visiting my blog and share your lovely thoughts. 🙂

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