The Pursuit of Happiness

I sometimes find it weird, how almost all of us, living in large cities, have cut ourselves so brutally from the beauty of life.

Running after material pleasures like, building a great career (a building process that has got no end) and amassing wealth (that is seldom amassed; thanks to the cost of living of big cities!).

In this rat race, one day, we will perish, with romantic dreams half-lived, peace of mind never attained and happiness that is ever elusive like the “great Indian butterfly”.

When I was in Guwahati, as a teacher, earning in four figures, eating mom-made food, meeting my best freinds often and spending weekends with mummy and younger sis, with no malls to hang around, was so much fun.

The rains, the green mangoes fallen on the ground after a thunderstorm, the hailstones that made the muddy ground turn snow-white, were all so beautiful.

Festivals spent with family gave so much joy.

Here, I haven’t seen such a rain for so long. I haven’t seen a single mango tree laden with green mango blossoms. The sky is seldom blue in colour. I have’t spent long evenings with my best freinds for years!

Sittting in the comfort of this posh aprtment, I only wonder that life has taken away so much from me, giving me almost nothing in return.

I am in a conflict of questioning thoughts. I wonder, is it my over-expectation from life or I do not know the real meaning of life.

I have no answer.

I can just say that I miss those days. I miss my home, the place where my heart lies.


7 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Life pulls us in different directions. Maybe the simplistic happiness of the older days was much better than the sophisticated happiness that we seek these days.

  2. Very well said. Coming from your sister place Gangtok, I can imagine the contrast of environment you must’ve felt. No time to gaze at the stars here…
    Nyways, blogging always helps… 🙂

  3. Thanks all: Vikram, Vyabkatesh and Aritra! Your comments were lovely and so honest. Please keep reading and drop your comments too! I am so glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. Well, I can’t say that I miss those things or like that because I was born and brought up in Delhi and have never moved out. (nor plan to) but yes I could not agree more about missing those things attached to oneself deeply.

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